13 June 2008

WQU1278, a DRUNK Special Task Police whom use his pistol at an innocent civilian! =x

it just happened an hour ago where my friends (three peoples) and I were chatting at their backyard about the RX-7 recovery when a speedy Green Scrambler motorcycle with its number plate WQU 1278 passed by us at a very high speed. This scrambler happen want to take shortcut road where Right-Turn is NOT allowed and almost hit a taxi that want to go in the corner.

The summary of the incident

But actually those two didn't hit each other but the driver of the scrambler seems doesn't satisfied with the taxi (and for God sake, they were the one who is in wrong position as they want to make an illegal turn). They stopped at the side of the road and the driver of the scrambler started to scold the taxi driver (the taxi driver is innocent o_o).

As their argument is getting more serious, both of my friends decided try to intervene just in case they will start a fight. As for me and another friend, we decided to stay back as we have no whatsoever martial arts skill >_> (while the other two are black belts holder in Taekwondo >_>). When my friends are getting near, the scrambler guy said "you kids who don't know anything just buzz off" (excuse me, we are 24 ok? o_o).

The argument is getting worst and the taxi driver started to walk at the back of his car. Then the worse case scenario happened. The scrambler guy eventually reach out something from his back and it turn out to be a PISTOL o_O! He shouted that he is a police and he will shoot the taxi driver. He forced the taxi driver to open his car boot and threaten to take him to the police station. The taxi driver did as what he were told and open the car boot. It was nothing!

My friends and i were quite shocked because it turned out to be a pistol. Nothing we can do versus a pistol -_- We called 999 and asked for police backup. Somehow the taxi driver pleads him then the scrambler guy took off his gun while shouting something like "Don't play with us police!". Then he wore back his helmet, his friend that sit at the back gets on the scrambler (notice: the guy at the back didn't do anything, kinda like blur or something) and left the scene.

Then all of us went to the taxi driver to make sure everything is okay while waiting for the police patrol car to arrive. Surprisingly, they didn't come at all >_< This is just plain bullshit. Then the police station called my friend again to confirm the scrambler registration number, WQU 1278.

The most shocking part is they told us that was a SPECIAL CRIME POLICE FORCE, a real force which they will drive a green colored scrambler!!! But the part which left me very dissatisfied are:

1) They are just plain-clothed at that moment
2) They just simply showed their pistol to the civilian
3) The taxi driver claimed that the guy smell like alcohol
4) They are the police and they were the one who is at fault by trying to take an illegal right turn
5) The patrol car didn't arrive at all

Somehow this clearly showed me that our police is not really disciplined at all. Should i say we can't trust them at all. The one who is in a Special Crime Force, is doing the biggest crime. One thing for sure i learned from this event:

Our safety are pretty much screwed with this kind of police exist in our community >_>



Anonymous said...

lol, that really is something. We too in our country have this problems. -Raidablaike

Heaven's Cloud said...

well, those who didnt passed school opted joining the police force. This is the root of the problem here =(

Anonymous said...

police now are really really bold..remember they case at the bandar Mahkota Cheras incident where 4 youths were bashed by the fru forces..police are the licensed gangster..

Heaven's Cloud said...

yup, that is police noadays. Even my ex-classmate during form 4 whom was quite a 'Mat Rempit' now is a policeman o_o

suzette said...

Showed out his gun to an UNARMED civilian? They are really bastards! If they have balls, they should have shown their gun to real criminals! Special Task Force? THAT is their specialty, I think! :(

Heaven's Cloud said...

well, believe in the country we live in today =/ In the end, the police didn't contact us back asking to make a report or something. I guess they just want to cover up their own friend's crime >_<

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