07 June 2008

Yippie! Now i'm on www.HeavenCloud.Net =D

Yippie!!! \(^o^)/

After one day messing up with the domain configurations, making blogspot and the domain clashed with each other, finally i managed to get it right x)

Yesh ladies and gentlemens, now i'm officially switching from to =D

The previous name was quite long and hard to remember (thanks to the "7" >_> and also thanks to the person who registered heavencloud but already abandon his/her blog >_<). Since i have 2 of my friends working in 2 different web-hosting company, it made me easier to bought the domain x) But in the end, i had to settled with a .net instead of .com (coz a goon registered the .com 3 months earlier >_< and didn't even make a proper site x_x). Oh well, .net is good enough rather than going for some odd name like .info or .org >_>

Yosh, gonna promote my new domain to all my friends xDDD


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