20 July 2008

Car Review: Porsche Carrera S

I had my once-in-a-lifetime chance to ride a Porsche 911 Carrera S. This car is a 3.8L monster that comes with the legendary boxster engine. It produces power at 6600RPM with torque at 4600RPM. The tires equipped with the car are a generous 235/35 at the front and 295/30 at the back. That is something that you can’t afford with a normal salary.

The car itself is very easy to drive plus the automatic and the Porsche’s Tiptronic manual transmission for those who wanted more power. The standard 911 Carrera S comes with a soft suspension set up that can be quite comfortable for a normal cruise. But there is a button for suspension set up at the dashboard area, but I’m not too sure though. It comes with a traction control to give you the confidence while driving. Thanks to the soft suspension, the body roll was quite bad plus as I was sitting at the back, the head room was so small that I had to tint my head a bit. Basically at the back seats only suitable for kids. Anyway, lets the pictures do the talking shall we =D

The rear that will make you drool =p

The side view

The front view plus the car cleaner boy =p

Another snap for the front view

The rims

Size does matter =p

The 3.8L boxster monster

Another close up with the engine bay

The interior

Driving view

A close up with the steering

The meter panel. The water temperature meter was left out on the left.

The overview of the head unit plus another goodies

A close up with the center panel. So many buttons, i can't figure out everthing x_x

The gear stick

I didn't manage to take the glove box area, but it comes with 2 cup holders. The bad side of the glove box is it can't open fully due to passenger legs. But overall it is a nice car to drive =) It offers the comfort and also the style that a person need =p I recommend this car for those that can afford it, but if it is me, i better buy the Nissan GTR =p Lastly, this 911 Carrera S also offers a sunroof where:

Shameless people can pop-out their head along the road =p



cry4freedom. said...

Lucky bastard.

Who owns teh sexy baby by the way?

Heaven's Cloud said...

hahaha. My friend's uncle. His uncle went for golf with his dad, so we drive like we steal it =D

Arturia Godric said...

Is that the engine on the back? Is the boot at the front?

Heaven's Cloud said...

yup, most porsche are with rear engine. Yup the boot is at the front.

Arturia Godric said...

Ho... that's something new.

Exotic car is something else, though I like Tuner.

Heaven's Cloud said...

hahaha.. yeah most exotic cars would go for that setup. But there are also tuner cars that had read engine like Toyota MR2 or Honda NSX

Ryosuke said...

To be exact, MR2 and NSX have a mid-ship engine... which is far more stable than a Rear mounted engine, only the Porsche fine tuning that makes the car stable^^

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