26 July 2008

FC3S Ready To Rock n Roll - Incident Part 4

Finally the FC has come back to…. Serdang =p Yeah, the legend finally has been revived after a been stuck in the workshop for around 2 months. The cost for repairing it? Haha, go visit the Shuzoku RedSuns Team blog to find out =p Now the chassis has been straighten and the accident area has been coated and treated nicely. But currently we only decided to apply the primer coating as Ryosuke has other plans for the car modification. So the full body spray will have to wait =)

Right after picking up, the same night Ryosuke and Keisuke decided to give the FC a spin. I definitely can’t join during a spin at our home course Bangi, but I decided to join the 180 degree turning practice. We did a few as it was Ryosuke’s first time doing with his own FC haha =p So in the end, we parted ways as I went back home to sleep while they continued touge.

Anyway, as usual we will let the pictures do the talking =)

Back view at the workshop

Side view of the damaged area which already been fixed

Finally the mean machine is alive =D

The damaged area view after completion

The stock unpainted bumper =p

FC with Meteorain =)

Overall according to Ryosuke, somehow the FC became very smooth to drive after the repair. We also not sure why but maybe the chassis was damaged before he bought the car? Only God knows lolz. But now time to enjoy =p


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