16 July 2008

Finally My Official Car = Meteorain

Since my mum finally got her new car, the Proton Saga BLM, meanwhile I will inherit her previous car obviously, the Proton Iswara Aeroback. So officially this will be my car and my main transportation to class and anywhere. So I decided to name her Meteorain xD

My Meteorain =D

The interior =)

Yeah, the name was based on one of Cloud Strife’s limit break move in Final Fantasy VII game =p But again, this will be a temporary car before I’m buying my own touge machine in a few years to come =) So my main planned modifications to the car would be the ICE (In Car Entertaintment), new suspension sets, erase the annoying rattling door sound (the car is old afterall -_-), and repair the car body where some part of the body already had small holes -_-‘ So I welcome Meteorain as her new owner =)

On a light note, my mum somehow became very stingy >_> She don’t want to let me drive the new car >_< Now i regretted convincing her that there is no need to be afraid to drive a new car v_v

But of course my unofficial cars are Nissan Sentra and Proton Saga BLM =p



nevereck said...

That's good car, since I never had a car T_T. But, I'm happy for you. I have good name " Doom Blast ". hope you like that name. ( I guess?!?! ) ^^

Heaven's Cloud said...

haha... thanks but i like meteorain better =p

Arturia ''Dragonil'' Godric said...

I think I know where the name come from~ XD

Heaven's Cloud said...

haha, since u played Final Fantasy, it is very obvious =p

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