09 July 2008

Hayate no Gotoku!

This time we will look into another type of anime which involved a butler and the master =) Hayate no Gotoku is not like the ordinary maid-type anime where the maid is a girl where she had to serve a pervert male master (reminded me of He is My Master xD). This time the story will focus on a small boy whom in a financial crisis due to his reckless parents (you won’t believe how reckless they are >_>). Finally he was employed by a rich young girl due to his heroic act to save her =) But this actually because due to wrong phrase chosen by Hayate while he intended to kidnapped her in the first place which led Nagi thinking that Hayate is confessing to her (this is the root of the problem xD).

Our poor and unlucky main character, Ayasaki Hayate (voiced by Shiraishi Ryoko), is a teenager lived in a tough environment. His father likes to gamble the money while his mum likes to invest money in her dream….? <_< Our hero is tough than superman and can travel in a speed of light (sometimes xD). Due to his parent’s irresponsibility, he has been working part time to support the family ever since he was still a kid. Having met Sanzenin Nagi, his fate started to change towards a better life as a butler.

The pompous and childish master, Sanzenin Nagi (voiced by Kugimiya Rie <3 ), a damn rich girl whom lived in a private mansion in Tokyo (goddamn big I tell you >_>). She has no siblings other than his grandfather but they lived separately. Currently she has a maid Maria, a head butler Klaus, and a tiger ‘pet’ Tama. She is super smart girl which always skipped grades. Despite that, she skipped classes a lot, watch anime, read manga, and plays online game a lot xD Her future dream is to become a manga artist >_>

The unique of this series is that it intends to insert a lot of anime parody. Sometimes they might want to sensor the word *beep* whenever they mentioned about any other anime in the series (copyrighted issues lolz). Nevertheless, all the stupid jokes and the parodies made this anime really funny and appealing to me =). The series is a bit long as it will take until 52 episodes. Yes, most probably there will be a second season judging from the ending. Overall I can give this anime 8/10 as it entertained me very well with the parodies =D Hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I did =)



kitsuna said...

also go for teh manga
story still long way to finish

Heaven's Cloud said...

no time to read hahaha

raidablaike said...

One of the anime(s) I wanted to watch although this anime is very long (50 episodes) and it will be hard to download it all :(

Heaven's Cloud said...

nah... 1 month should be enough to complete the download =p

raidablaike said...

Heh, after that, mom will be so displeased with the electric bills.

Mom: Oh noes! It's over 9000!!!

Heaven's Cloud said...

Since It is over 9000!!!, then pay your own bill =p

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