28 July 2008

Heaven's Cloud is now 1 Year old =D and it will be away for a while >_>

Yes, finally after the hardship and the noob-days that I’ve been through, Heaven’s Cloud.Net is now can celebrate its 1st Anniversary =D Looking back the earlier post made me thought how noob I was back in those days =p Now Heaven's Cloud.Net is still growing with 3870 unique visitors =) Thanks to all my friends and the frequent visitors that have been keep supporting me to blog and keep my passion alive =D This celebration is dedicated to you all too =)

In conjunction with the 1st anniversary, I would like to announce that Heaven’s will be inactive for a while. No no I’m not going for a honeymoon =p But instead I’m right now on the one-way ticket to hell <_< I’ll be extremely busy until September so do expect less update =( Sorry for the inconvenience. But I’ll blog in case I had free time and of course I’ll visit the blog everyday to check the comments and the chatbox =) Well then, until later everyone.



raidablaike said...

heh, happy birthday heaven's cloud :D

and good luck.

Heaven's Cloud said...

hehe, thanks =)

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