12 July 2008

Here Comes The Proton Saga BLM =D

WARNING, this entry will only have lots of pictures so the blog might load slow a bit. U might want to curse me for uploading so much pictures about the new car in my house, but i practically don't care =p Presenting, a new member in the family, the new Proton Saga BLM which i just took it from the Proton branch last friday. Lets the pictures do the talking shall we =D

The emblem

The front view

Another front view

The grill

The overall of engine

The left view of the engine

The radiator and exhaust manifold

The windscreen view

A very spacious rooms for legs

The back view

The tyre

Dashboard view

The radio, air con, and gear stick

The display panel

The dashboard on the passenger side

The glove box

The pedals (can't heel-to-toe :'( )

The hand brake

The door panel on the driver side

Door panel on the passenger side

The panel rear doors

A decent boot space

The spare tyre and emergency kit

and as for today, i went to RayTech to inquire about the tinted film as i also gotten a voucher worth RM150. They demonstrated me how good their tint film is, i was amazed =D So most probably going to install the RayTech tint for around RM300 - 400. Later today i went to install the Reverse Sensor for the car. It cost at RM150. The result, the sensor was so-so, unlike my old iswara which is somewhat better >_>

The box

The packages

The drilling process

Tada~ The result =D

That's all for now. Will update later maybe after installing the tint film. My mum angry at me because i went driving with the new car all day haha xD



Kitsuna said...

convert la keter tu jadi Saga Impreza ke:

atau Saga TT :


Heaven's Cloud said...

malas. baik convert jadi mercedes terus =p

nazri said...

raytech ek...
aku wat kat air cool
RM 450 je...

Heaven's Cloud said...

si mamat kat raytech tu bila aku tanya RM300 - 400 je. Bila aku pergi buat appointment, worker lain quote RM450 minimum, lari budget -_- So ingat cancel je nak buat tint, invest untuk security dulu

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