01 July 2008

I won the 2 Free Tickets to Hancock, But Had to Let It Go =(

Yeah, i managed to won the 2 free tickets from Nuffnang which entitled me to watch a new incoming movie Hancock by Will Smith next week at The Curve, Damansara =) I got my surprise email when i was getting jealous with one of the Nuffnager whom announced he also won the free tickets xD But a few hours after reading his blog, finally i got my email (i was about in despair for not to be choosen =p) and open it as soon as possible x)

It is all thanks to my crazy-random-post about Not Your Average Superhero when i read about it in the Nuffnang blog right after they posted it =)

But too bad, my girlfriend unable to attend the movie due to her work requires her to wake up very early in the morning. I tried to ask some of my friends but no avail as it is on the weekdays (i know who to blame >_>) I have no choice but to let it go to someone else =(

So i wrote back to Robb for my tickets cancellation.

I hope those who got my tickets, hope you guys will enjoy the movie =)



Dang, i misspelled "Guest" as Guess" >_< Hope Robb won't kill me <_<

1 comment:

raidablaike said...

lol, hancock. I saw the trailer of that show and it looks very promising (Looking forward to it even I dont have that much interest in American Movie).

Anyway, too bad you didn't went to the show.

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