06 July 2008

My Mum Got Scammed By A Fake Proton Sales Assistance =x

The title says all. My mum got scammed by a fake SA (Sales Assistance) that working with a Proton branch when she wanted to buy the new Proton Saga BLM as her first car (and going to be mine =p ).

So the story goes like this. Around March my mum went to my auntie's workplace in Tawakal Hospital in Kuala Lumpur. She knew a guy working with a proton branch that promise can deliver the new car within 3 months. So we met the SA and paid the deposit of RM500. Later during May, the SA called saying that the loan (my mum is using the government loan) was approved. Then in June he called my mum asking to paid the down payment of RM1198. He also opted my mum option if my mum wants to pay via online banking. But I insisted my mum on going to the branch and pay as we never been there. But my mum said she is busy or whatever, then she went for the online payment. I insisted for the receipt, she said the SA told her that he will send the receipt via mail. So i'm ok with it and wait.

After a few weeks, still no news and i'm still wondering if the branch exist or not. I went to find out at night where the branch is and i found it. One less worry as the branch is there. Tomorrow i sms-ed my auntie asking that did she received anything from the SA like a receipt? She said none and i was worried as my mum said that the SA might sent the receipt to my auntie instead as she is much more closer. So that evening i decided to rush to the branch to ask what has happen. Upon my arrival, i asked one of the SA working, i was shocked that knowing the SA whom deals with my mum had actually resigned early June. So i kinda guessed, my mum already been scammed by this SA.

I went home, informing my mum and auntie. Both were shocked by the news. Later my mum said to me that last week the branch manager called her saying the car already finished at the factory and waiting to be delivered. I'm confused so i decided to wait on monday as i need to call the branch admin to confirm the situation.

Monday, my mum called instead, saying that offcially she is scammed. She called the branch, our booking fee is still there, but they never received the down payment that my mum made. So this fake SA went running away with my mum's money. I started gathering information about this guy. When enough evidence and information, i learned that i can't make the police report as i'm not the one buying the car. SO i asked my mum to do, but she said tomorrow. When tomorrow, she said another tomorrow. When 2 days passed, she said something that made me WTF, "lets wait, who knows the guy will repent and return back our money".... Yes, the most super-ultra-naive statement i've ever heard in my life >_< This is an era where scammer and conman are everywhere. They don't care about you neither feel sorry for their victims >_< Oh whatever, looks like all my hardwork collecting the infor just went down the drain ~_~ I don't care anymore bout this guy, as long as we are getting the car. It was my mum's money, up to her how she thinks it is >_>

Anyway, i would like to share and publish the information here. Who knows some of the readers might know where he is. I feel like smacking him. I have the address but i don't know where it is.

Name: Mohd Fauzi Bin Samsir
IC Number: 810805-01-5213
Address: Blok M 10-408 Persiaran Pandan 7,
Pandan Jaya 55100,
Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 019-3203095
Wife Name: Afzarina Binti Zahar
Maybank Account Number: 162254005154
Phone Number: 019-3648584

The Fake SA name card

I heard rumors that the guy still live there, but both husband and wife is not in the house, but only the mother in-law. I dunno what to do with this guy, feel like smacking but for sure i'll end up in jail for public assault ~_~ Then i heard from a source that his wife is working with a police station and her dad was a ex-police. I was like WTF, if it is true, then for sure the police will try to protect their own species like what happened to me earlier (WQU1278, a DRUNK Special Task Police whom use his pistol at an innocent civilian! =x)

Anyway, last saturday we went to the branch to pay the REAL down payment >_> Our car was already there waiting for pikcing up. Now what is left is to pay the whole amount, maybe this monday. SO hopefully will get the car this week =)

The car is ready =)


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