23 July 2008

Touge Adventure, an Awkward Journey to Kuala Kelawang and Fraser Hill (plus getting lost till Genting Highland)

First of all, for those who wondering what is touge, please visit here: Wikipedia

It was.... a nightmare, which looms in someone’s deep fear who wished it never to be seen or heard. That is what I can sum it up with the recent out-of-the-fly our touge adventure with Ryosuke, Keisuke, and Turbo Jr >_<

Ryosuke finally is back after a month in France, so as his insane attic of sudden plan with improper planning and random outburst >_> So to cut things short, he got back then the next day when I’m peacefully doing my assignments around 6pm, I got an sms from Ryosuke saying:

“Cloud, let’s go to Fraser Hill to check out the touge track there tonight!”

I was shocked and can’t believe what my eyes are reading. So I sent a reply:

“Can you repeat that sms again one… more… time…?”

To my outmost outrage, my eyes weren’t telling lies after all, Ryosuke is going to Fraser Hill touge in 2 hours time. They don’t have a car so they need my Meteorain help. For God sake, it was Sunday and tomorrow I have class >_< Anyway, at 8.30pm, we started the journey. Upon refilling a full-tank of petrol, I asked Ryosuke how to get to Fraser Hill. To my deepest fear, he said he forgot to take a look at the Google Map so he said he had no idea at all >_< The only thing we know that the Fraser Hill is just beside Genting Highland. So off we went using Genting Highland signboard as the guide.

We took the MRR2 road until Batu Caves. From there, we moved on the normal trunk road to Ulu Yam mountain road. Finally we found the signboard to Genting Highland but the Fraser Hill is nowhere to be seen. Oh well, we moved on taking the road to Genting Highland hoping to see a road that might lead us to Fraser Hill <_< As we went on, we realized that the road doesn’t exist and Genting Highland is getting near. Seriously I need to kill Ryosuke for his lack of direction sense :-@ Looking at Meteorain’s temperature meter, somehow the temperature rose up a bit from normal level. I suspected that the radiator water is not enough. I just kept my cool and acted like nothing had happen >_> For the record, it was my first time being there at Genting Highland, so I drove slowly as I want to enjoy the scenery =D We arrived at the top then decided to stop a while to take pictures (my excuse but the real reason is to cool down the car and refill the radiator tank =p ) We took several pictures, cooled the car down and head back to Fraser Hill next =D (we assume that we need to go down further and take the road to Batang Kali and Kuala Kubu Baru). Meteorain’s brake suffered overheating thus it didn’t gave me the braking power, so I had to pump the brake all the time -_- Oh ya, actually meteorain was already due for service (even exceeded 1000km already =p ).

A review of the Genting Highland touge, it was quite ok, given for the uphill. But according to the steep of the road, I think only cars that come with lots of horsepower or turbocharged cars can enjoy the uphill ride. The downhill can be very exciting but… the road bumpers are damn high and it can kill any cars that have done suspension lowering >_> The hairpin corners are damn nice but the bumpers are not. So for those who want to enjoy the uphill but can’t make it the downhill, make sure you have a tow truck ready at the top of Genting Highland =p But the most bad thing about touge at Genting Highland, too many traffics at any time >_>

The route using Google Earth

Keisuke dreaming of visiting the casino =p

Next, by the time the clock ticked around 12am+, we were already downhill and heading towards Kuala Kubu Baru. As usual, the utter useless Ryosuke went to bed first leaving Keisuke and me suffering to find the exact road to Fraser Hill. At last we managed to found it by running along with a big dam there. After crossing the dam, the touge road starts =D Seriously, it was really damn long to reach the Fraser Hill junction. The road was empty, no one was there, the road was wet, there are falling trees that almost blocked the road, right side is the hill while left side is the mountain steep where you can get a free ticket to hell if you decided to drive there >_> Upon arriving the Fraser Hill junction, it was a one-way road where during daylight, there will be gate controls and time restriction for those who are going up or down. Obviously at midnight no one is controlling the road, so off we go the uphill struggle. I think it took us almost 1 hour from the dam until the Fraser Hill. After reaching the other end of gate control, we decided to go back as we already reached our destination. But according to the map, there is a road at there that will take you around the Fraser Hill but since I’m worried about the petrol for home. The journey downhill was quite fast. We headed home and reached there around 3am. Both Ryosuke and I were very hungry that we were feasting leftovers at his house >_>

Regarding the Fraser Hill touge, it is a long touge with a risky environment. First half of the road is wide but there are possibilities of having trees blocking the road. Honestly, the road curve there is pretty much repetitive so you might get bored while driving there, seriously. Upon entering the main road to Fraser Hill, the road is so small that there is no room for errors or mistake. The road also sometimes widens a bit but sometimes shortens just a car size. I can say this is a very high level touge road as you can’t rely on drift or tail slide to save your butt when you understeer or oversteer. This touge is purely rely on your concentration and tyres grip.

The Fraser Hill touge taken from Google Earth

The time table of the gate keeper

Ok, then 2 days later Ryosuke came up with another random planning, going to visit the Team Kansei home course at Kuala Kelawang. He called me that night (around 10pm or something) inviting me while he was already in front of my house >_< I can’t prepare anything at all. So I hopped in their Perodua Kancil 660 that dubbed as err…. what was it again? Suicide Banshee? Coffin Banshee? Junk Banshee? I had forgotten about it =p But before going there, we had to ran 2 errands as Keisuke needed to pass something to his girlfriend at Kerinchi and they need to pass their sister wallet and SPM certificate at Cheras. So finally we picked up Turbo Jr at his house and decided to go.

But… as usual the clueless Ryosuke didn’t know where exactly Kuala Kelawang is >_< (yea I should stab him to death :-@ ) Turbo Jr managed to do some homework and found out where the location. As he mentioned Semenyih, then I’ll knew where to head as I once studied at a MARA college nearby there as I swear I saw the Kuala Klawang signboard. So off we went to Semenyih, taking the road to Kuala Klawang. The road there was damn dark and empty, a place where you can have a nice death without people noticing >_> Ryosuke took the first run and Turbo Jr sat beside him. Turbo Jr was a bad navigator, always messed up with left and right <_< It was suppose to be a road scouting but Ryosuke went ahead taking it seriously. I in the other hand was suffering from dizziness starting from my home, can’t do anything but just observe the road and sit back quietly, unless if I want to puke inside the car >_> At one point, I SWEAR I saw a shadow of human size on the right side of the road that seems like trying to avoid the light of the car @_@ I just kept quiet and acted that I saw nothing and let them have fun with the touge session. The first session end up at a junction leading to somewhere we don’t know as we also just left with a half-tank of petrol, thanks to Ryosuke pushing the car, or else we can explore further >_> We took several pictures there and then the next round it was Keisuke’s turn. This guy even take it more faster than Ryosuke >_< Turbo Jr whose already been in a trauma state, was shouting “Hard Left!” and “Hard Right!” at all the turn although some corners weren’t hard at all hahaha. It took about 10 – 15 minutes maybe to finish the touge and heading back home. On the way, we stopped by a 24-hour KFC for supper. So in the end, most of us reached home around 4am x_x

Overview of Team Kansei’s home course, it was indeed a good place to touge. Plenty of exciting corners that can made you ejaculate in happiness =p The touge was fairly long but the track could provide some dangers as well. There is a possibilities that you might run over into dogs that owned by the native settlers there. Some corners might seem easy but they tend to bent a little tight later which you might catch off guard. Another threat is the road has both sides a deep monsoon drain/gutter that can instantly kill your car if you accidentally went into it. Don’t even try copying Initial D’s Takumi gutter run as it won’t work here >_>

The touge route of Kuala Kelawang taken from Google Earth

The signboard located where we stopped our first run

Nothing like a good Colonel secret recipes after a heart-pounding adventure =D

Oh, on the side note, the FC finally came out from the workshop. I will update later during the next post.



Eu Jin said...

Frasiers Hill at night? Gosh that is one scary ride if you are gunning it. Drive slow also scary as the place is deserted and there's no mobile phone reception.

I was there yesterday. Blogged about it here:-

Heaven's Cloud said...

Hahaha... yea it was crazy but the fun and challenge was there =p Although in some part i felt like entering a ghost town when driving through the heavy fog >.>

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