04 September 2008

From The Depth of Hell to The Brightly Heaven

Yes, finally I’m back after the gruesome battles with countless of projects and final year project which so close with each other x_x

The final day. My FYP on the bottom left. Almost 200 pages of work x_x

It was hell, a living hell which you don’t want to experience in your life. By the time clocked only 2 more weeks before my final semester ended, the work just kept on falling till I have no more enough hands to do all the work. If I were able to use my feet to write, it would be much better >_>

The aftermath after battling during the final day of submission at the university xD

Anyway, it was my own fault because I procrastinated too much, hahaha =p So as the battle drawing its curtain down, I’m now need to start my job hunting as I’m right now contributing to Malaysia’s unemployment rate (stealing idea from Kitleen’s blog =p ). So far right now I already attend one interview yesterday. The outcome seems ok but I need to wait the confirmation from the big boss whether I can work with them with my lack of skills =p Anyway, I’m trying my best as this is the time I want to fight for my dreams and starts buying things that I ever dream of. What is it? Haha let it be a secret for the time being =p



raidablaike said...

hehe, good job on staying at hell for a while :P

I think I'll be doing it for this week too, there's a huge quiz flood waiting for me :D

Anyway, welcome back.

Heaven's Cloud said...

haha... never wish to go back to that hell =p

Thanks and good luck with the quizzes =)

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