10 September 2008

I'm Employed =D

Yeah, finally I’m employed by a web-related company somewhere near Kuala Lumpur =D Now i'm not contributing to the unemployment rate in Malaysia (Kitleen 2008)... (Haha, my old habit of citation and referencing came from doing the FYP last time =p ) The pay was quite ok for beginners like me and I’ll be exposing a lot with the servers environment. To be exact, I should say that from today onwards I’ll be only interacting with the servers and less with humans >.>

One of the server aka 1U

The first day was quite busy, the first thing upon early in the morning I had to setup 2 servers for delivery. Lucky it was only Windows Server 2003, so the installation went out pretty smooth. But I guess I need to learn how to install the Linux OS as my company will be using Cent OS for any client that prefer Linux as their operating system ~_~

The view of the server racks in the datacenter. Center far in the picture is one of the massive air conditioner >.<

Right after that, my first ever visit to a datacenter at Brickfields with one of my colleague =D The security was pretty tight and troublesome <.< Upon entering the datacenter, the loud sound of humongous server racks and the air conditioner machine echoing the room. Seriously it was damn loud and very hard to communication with other people inside x_x One thing, the datacenter is damn cold that my foot is starting to getting freeze over. Lucky that I wore a pair of socks, or else I would never made out there in one piece >.>

One of our server rack filled with client's server.

So far the job is ok. It was busy on the first day and my legs almost fell off x_x I’ll be looking forward for another new adventure to another datacenters at Cyberjaya next time xD



Arturia Godric said...

Ohoho~ Congrats for the job and the passing of the final year project~

Heaven's Cloud said...

Hehe thanks =) Err... result not out yet though =p

raidablaike said...

heh, good job on both things... I'm sure you'll be much more busy since you already have a job :P

Heaven's Cloud said...

haha.. well, let just hope i have the time i need. But i think comparing with student days and working, working is much more freedom and less constraints, depends on what job u have though >.>

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