16 September 2008

Meteorain Hospitalized D=

*** FILLERS ***

The new addition to the Shiro Suisei =p

Front view

Zid's Suicide Machine clutch hydraulics went fail xD


It was drinking fuel like no tomorrow,
It was spraying the engine bay with the engine oil like mad,
It was never enough water inside the radiator,
It was never able giving the power needed,
It was… over 10 years old.

That sums up the overall story about Meteorain xD Yes, Meteorain was in a bad condition upon I got it from my dad. Although he serviced the car regularly, but he didn’t pay much attention to the car specifically. So as the new owner of Meteorain, it is my job to make sure this baby is taken care of =D

After a countless of complaints from me to dad, finally he agreed to do a full overhaul for Meteorain. Instead of sending the car to a normal workshop (that will chopped our head off with the service price >.> ), we sent the car to my dad’s friend as he was a mechanic before retiring (well, his daughter was my ex-classmate <.< ).

It took almost one week to get the job done and overall I was satisfied with the result. The fuel consumption was minimal, no more engine oil spilling, less worry on the water level in radiator, and giving me the power when I need it x)

Here is some of the list of the parts that was found faulty in Meteorain:
-Blown gasket
-Exhausted piston rings
-Part of radiator was eaten by rust, thus leaking through that
-Radiator hoses was already hard
-Radiator cap was unable to control the pressure
-Thin timing belt
-One of the exhaust valve bent
-Intake manifold and exhaust manifold was also infested with carbon
-Super ultra thick carbon built up in the combustion chamber, pistons and around the valves
-Leaking in some valves, they unable to close properly
And… I’m not sure if I still left something else out =p

Anyway, as usual we will let the pictures do the talking =)

Preparing for the job

Air filter was taken out, the carburettor was exposed

Ewww filthy lol. The top engine cover was removed. The rocker arms and the valves are visible

The almost-dead timing belt

Checked the brake pads, still a lot. Worried after went down the Genting x)

Overall view for the engine block

A zoom in the combustion chamber with piston at the furthest position

A closeup with the full stretched piston in the combustion chamber

The valves. This is a 12 valves engine. 2 valves for fuel, 1 valve for smoke

A closeup. The spark plug can be seen there

An emptied engine block

Zoom in the combustion chamber without the piston. The crankshaft can be seen

The side view of the piston

Top view of the piston

Full view of the piston together with the conrod

The entire 4 pistons

Crankshaft view from below

A normal valve

The valve springs

The damaged valve. Might hard to see in the picture though

The top engine block. The camshaft can be seen here

The process of washing the top engine block

Reassemble the valves, camshaft, and the rocker arms back to its place after done cleaning

The cleaned valves and engine block

The part of radiator which broken due to rust

Assembling the top engine block and the broken radiator part

Finally... finished =D

Reborn Meteorain shall pwned you anytime =p

On a side note, i should reserve some money to replace the battery and the alternator soon ~_~



raidablaike said...

heh, I'm sure Meteorain will be good as new again :D

Arturia Godric said...

Shiro Suisei?XD

Meteorain sure is old. Though my Sagarian is much more older. XP

Heaven's Cloud said...

@raida: Yea hopefully =D

@shiro: Yea shiro suisei aka White Comet aka the name Takahashi Ryosuke gave to his car in Initial D =p

Saga first generation? o_O I bet the inside is imaginable given if u never service the engine before >.>

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