07 September 2008

Touge Adventure to Mantin Part 1 & Part 2

Part 1
As usual, the notorious Ryosuke never ceased to amaze us with his sudden godforsaken attic, the sudden plan =p A few days after the nightmare ride to Kuala Kelawang touge, Ryosuke called “Yo cloud, tonight we’ll hit the touge at mantin!!!” and my usual reply “What the *censored*!!!”

This time we used Meteorain as the method of transportation. Due to the horrid nightmare adventure where we were clueless about the exact location of the touge, this time I personally brought my laptop that comes with Google Earth installed >.> Thanks to the Google Earth, the journey went out smoothly without any problem and relying on the good-for-nothing Ryosuke >.>

Look, my Meteorain is equipped with a LCD monitor =D

Nah... it was just my laptop =p Navigating the roads using Google Earth

Anyway, as been mentioned, the journey went smoothly due to the help from Google Earth. We decided to take an alternative road to there using Broga, the road heading to the Nottingham University. I guess it was a bad choice as the road was in a very bad condition x_x Nevertheless, we managed to arrive safely at the touge spot =D

Overview of touge at Mantin using Google Earth

Mantin is located in Negeri Sembilan where beside the Negeri Sembilan and Selangor border. This touge course located at the Matin Industrial centre to be exact. The course actually was quite beautiful as there are a few hairpins corner waiting for any touge enthusiast to tackle it. But… the bad thing here is the animals that tend to sleep in the middle of the road >__< During our journey, a dog was sleeping in the middle of the road. When we passed it, the dog still decided to sleep in the middle of the road x_x Besides that, there are a few traffics there, so need to pay extra attention. The course itself was quite short but very enjoying nevertheless =)

As usual, some memento before leaving =p

A few days after, Ryosuke again decided to visit mantin touge, but this time with FC and Metorain as an escort. Turbo Jr decided to join the adventure this time. All of us taking turn in the FC attacking the touge. 2 of us board the FC while another 2 will stay back at Meteorain. This time even more surprise greeted us on the touge. The dog still sleeping in the middle of the road, plus a group of dogs relaxing on the road, and 3 FREAKING COWS sleeping on the road too x___X It was so dangerous! In the end, we touge with a little bit reserved in speed.

Anyway, during Keisuke turn, shit happen. We ran into a police car lol. The police just passed by us and at the same time we tried to contact Ryosuke to warn about the incoming police, but failed because there is no freaking telephone coverage there. After a while, Keisuke and I decided to go back and hoping the police was already gone. Upon reaching the area, the police was still there x_x Keisuke had a brilliant idea “Lets pretend we don’t know them!” xD So we acted we never knew them… upon passing by, Ryosuke blasted out cover by calling us x__X Oh well, both Keisuke and I decided to stop. Then the police car passed by us and went on left us. Phew… trouble gone. Ryosuke drove to us. It was learnt that the police was asking Ryosuke what they are doing there. He answered he was waiting for his friends at the back (us =p ). So they were waiting for us actually. If both Keisuke and I were just totally ignored Ryosuke, they would already end up in the police cell that night xDDD

Sending Turbo Jr back home after the tiring and suspense touge adventure

Whatever, we decided to head back since the police disturbance and I didn’t had the chance to tackle the corners due to the police >_< Oh well, maybe next time then =)



kev said...

lol lucky u with ur touges, i lack touge partners lately

Heaven's Cloud said...

haha... thanks to the one crazy little friend. Well, u should find and pull your friend's legs to accompany u to touge xD

kev said...

lol, i did, but they all busy. now my future touge car, doesnt look as good as ur saga though

Heaven's Cloud said...

then be like a takumi, go practice alone during early morning =p

Future touge car? o_O I thought your touge car is the satria neo?

danial said...

dude where is the mantin touge? i used to study there in mantin. really wanna go visit the touge

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