27 October 2008

Balik Pulau Touge, The Lonely Attack!

It was a dark and cold night where the animals and demons cast themselves away in the darkness while some waits for their prey making their way to the designated trap. The wind was blowing ferociously seeming a hurricane is coming to the lonely and quiet dark mountain forest. The moon…. Wait, I’m not writing a ghost story here >.>

As I mentioned before here, during the holiday eve when I visited Penang Island for a short vacation, I stole the chance to tackle the well-known touge among local Penang touge enthusiast, Balik Pulau. To be honest, this touge attack wasn’t planned at all. Since I was on the way to the Gurney Drive, I saw the Balik Pulau signboard and hence the sudden plan <.<

There are two ways to reach Balik Pulau, one is via the Batu Ferengghi and another is at Bayan Lepas. That night I took the route from Batu Ferengghi and passing by the Teluk Bahang before starts climbing the mountain.

The Balik Pulau touge according to the Google Earth

The Balik Pulau touge is quite challenging attack as the road is not really wide as the lane was really small and shallow. Although it has two single lanes for up and down, but both sides have no extra space as it is occupied by the mountain or the concrete barrier. I’m not sure why, but this road does feel like going up the Cameron Highland in a sort. This mean you can’t afford a huge oversteer or understeer mistake or you will get a free ticket to hell >.> The most enjoying corner for me is during the downhill (as I’m taking the road from Teluk Bahang) when there is a beautiful hairpin which on the right beside of the hairpin is damn/lake. The downhill hairpin was really nice to tackle and by one understeer error, you entitled a free ‘car wash’ =p

During this attack, I was driving my mum’s new Proton Saga BLM. New car, I can’t force it too much =p One biggest mistake I did during this lone expedition was I didn’t fill up the petrol when I’m about to go up >.< During the uphill, my fuel meter only left with TWO bars x_x So actually to be honest, most of the adventure time filled with thoughts of getting out of fuel in the middle of the mountain wilderness x_x

I tried to call Jimmy from the BLMClub Penang branch as I want to ask him if there any petrol station in Balik Pulau. To my relief, he said got, but I have to go further ~_~ Anyway, the journey goes on. Actually before I started the uphill, I passed by a Caltex petrol station, but my ego got into me as I only want Petronas, so serve me right lol xD

Well, I managed to finish the touge run and I was driving along in a village area in Balik Pulau. After a while, thank God, I found a Petronas station. So in a sence, my ego paid off =p After that, I called Jimmy again to call the Penang branch a sudden gathering =)

Finally the life saver, a Petronas station in Balik Pulau =D

Overall, the touge was quite challenging as you need to concentrate more than usual as the road is not wide and the presence of traffic some time. Next time I should try to take the Bayan Lepas exit route as this time I took the Air Hitam/Georgetown exit route, and this time I will fill up my tank first before going up >.>

Basically i was touring the whole island in one night =p
(in case cannot be read= BLM Club TT, Touge, Petronas)



Vince said...

In case you do not know....
Caltex have the most accurate Ron 97 Rating petrol and most Honda users are using it! Give it a try when u go touge again :)
Please do not get me wrong, Petronas is also OK :). I use it for my ex-wira.

Heaven's Cloud said...

is it? o.o Well... will put caltex on the list then =)

ScAvEnGeR said...

Wei... Come until Penang also never call me out for touge session. Down lorr...

Arturia Godric said...

The road reminds me of Akina in Initial-D. Kinda. Did ya drift?

Arturia Godric said...

The road reminds me of Akina in Initial-D. Kinda. Did ya drift?

Heaven's Cloud said...

@scav: err... it was my sudden random planning since my original plan is to eat mcd at gurney >.> And..... i dont have your number to begin with <.<

@shiro: lol... i dont wanna drift with my mum's new car.. later the rubber wear faster, she gonna complain =p

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