06 October 2008

Happy Eid to all!

I want to take this chance to wish everyone a happy wonderful Eid/Aidilfitri for those that celebrating it, and for those enjoying eating the food that comes along with the celebration =) I was away at my mum’s hometown for 1 week to celebrate it. Just got back and I’m still tired, plus tomorrow will have to go back to the office -_-

Well, there are plenty of stuff to blog, I guess I’ll do it right after this especially the 1 month report after working, the journey to mum’s hometown and back, the special touge session at Balik Pulau, and many more =p That can wait I guess =)

In the other news, it is my birthday (5th Oct), so readers and visitors out there reading this blog, you have to give me my birthday present =p


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