02 November 2008

Shiro Suisei's New Look

Hmmm… it has been a long time since I updated about Shiro Suisei’s condition and upgrades. Well, now is the time to do it =p

After a few months of recuperating, Shiro Suisei is being assembled with new parts piece by piece. The only drawback from this outcome, the car has a brand new colour theme >.>

Well, we are still in the process of assembling it back together, painting will be done later, no money at the moment <.<

But no matter how powerful and extravagant the car looks...

It will never passed a police road block for the time being with this kind of road tax =p *pwned*



kev said...

omg expired already lol :P

Arturia Godric said...

OMG Better censor it cause the police might find you because of that.

Heaven's Cloud said...

@kev: haha yup =p

@shiro: already renew last monday =p

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