22 May 2009

Hana Yori Dango

Let see, I haven’t done any review for ages! Haha! Oh well, time to make another miracle come back by reviewing one of the drama I recently watched =)

Today’s review is about a drama that was quite popular (later you will know why the drama is an hot item >.> ), which is Hana Yori Dango a.k.a Boys Over Flower (what a gay name, seriously <.< ). The genre of this story is more towards romance and comedy.

The drama focused on a bimbo a.k.a poor girl (in Japanese term), which enrolled in a super-rich high school, Eitoku Gakuen, which only filled with filthy rich students. The girl, Makino Tsukushi (played by Inoue Mao <3 ), spent the rest of her years ion school by staying low and unnoticed due to afraid to be caught by the school’s weird ceremory/behavior. The central of the trouble, known as F4 a.k.a Flower Four (what the heck with this gay naming -.-), a group of four damn rich ‘bishounens’ (handsome guy in Japanese). They are idolized by the whole school and no one dare to go against them.

The member of F4, the playboy, Nishikado Soujiro (by Matsuda Shota)a heir of a tea ceremony school, Mimasaka Akira (by Abe Tsuyoshi) a madam killer whom parents had relation with the underground. Next, the mysterious and quiet Hanazawa Rui (by Oguri Shun), and the leader himself, Domyoji Tsukasa (by Matsumoto Jun), the son and heir of the biggest finance group.

The whole story started when Tsukushi tried to protect her friend from receiving punishment due to ‘Red Notice’. Due to the action, she instead received the ‘Red Notice’ shortly after that. She retaliates in the final moment and declared war with the F4 (with a BANG :P ), which no one have ever done. That was the turn point for the whole story began.

My own opinion on this series, it is seriously pissing me off >.< Why you asked me? This is because the dumb Tsukushi and Tsukasa >.< Thanks to their characteristics, I felt like punching them most of the time >.< Tsukushi, a naïve girl that always jumped to conclusion and only think for the worst case scenario. Tsukasa, a thick-headed, arrogant, and also always jumped to conclusion without even thinking. One more to boot, his Japanese grammar skills will laugh your asses off from the chair >.>

Hana Yori Dango had a season 2 and also a movie. I watched them all, but my summary about the others are pretty much less the same as the above paragraph. But actually the story flow itself was quite interesting. The background soundtrack also is a plus.

In the end, I would recommend everyone to watch this series. It might piss you off (both Tsukasa and Tsukushi’s characteristics), but I bet you will want to know what will happen in the end. I’m sorry to disappoint, but for me, the ending was a little bit… bleak? :P I can give it 7/10 though… Anyway, do try a first few episodes and see whether you will like it or not =p



Anonymous said...

its totally Meteor garden.

i hate that show in taiwan and im so not watching the japanese version... or the korean version for that matter

Heaven's Cloud said...

lulz... well, watch it if you are the fan of those handsome guys... and watch also if you want to know how frustrating i were when watching the two egos battle each other and dont want to give way to each other >.<

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