04 May 2009

Putting life back together again...

Long time we never met, my readers out there. I know, some screaming at me why I didn’t update my blog for quite some time already like kit*cough*leen :p Anyway, the reason I haven’t been updating my blog because I was too busy with my work, I end up working alone as the Network Engineer as the other guy went pursuing his Degree v.v So in the end, left me alone doing work non-stop for the last two months x.x

Thanks to myself for successfully finding a new person to fill in the empty seat, now I can rest a bit. My new colleague is my own friend, kitsuna =p But he will be working part time until June as he is now on semester break. Oh well, as long as I got someone to dump my overweight responsibilities to someone, good enough =p

In a way, there haven’t been much an update (extremely busy after all, plus don’t even have free time to open own blog >.> ) We start our day by a tragedy:

Yes, some idiot driver hit my Climhazzard rear bumper :-@ Stupid driver don’t know how to reverse car during going out from parking >.< WES 569, the car number plate, a light gold color (or was it silver…) Honda. Feel free to whack his car if you see it on the road >.>

I went to take a peek at Proton’s new Exora, their first ever MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle). Surprisingly, the interior design was quite nice, but nevertheless, don’t like much about the interior. Nowadays Proton, all engine bay design and positioning are just the same, no variety at all >.<

Looks like Shiro Suisei have a new second hand shoes =p

Smaller tires than usual so we can initiate drifting easily (damn dangerous during touge if like this @_@)

Last, but not the least, I have a new hobby. What is that? We’ll find out soon enough =p

P/s: I think I’ll be starting back my anime and jdrama review soon enough, if got time xD



Anonymous said...

"damn dangerous during touge if like this @_@"

do u mean torque?

shiro said...

Yessir! If I find that car I whack it. /seriousnessOn the other hand, I kinda know your new hobby, at least, well my prediction is feeling highly correct.

Heaven's Cloud said...

@kit: lol.. it is touge... wiki it =p

@shiro: but dun put my name on the table when u got caught by the police =p Oo... we shall see whether u are correct or not =p

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