06 July 2009

The Ordeal

Wakakaka… I did it again, neglecting to update the blog =p Seriously, my life keep on going busy and busy no matter what I do. Maybe something is wrong with me to begin with, being too workaholic, or too lazy =p

Anyway, since I decided to do an all-nighter with a few works I need it to be done, might as well as update my ‘haunted’ blog =p This event actually happened early of last month. My grandpa once again got a food catering for a wedding ceremony somewhere around Shah Alam.

To make the story short, on the first day, the lorry that was suppose carrying the stuff, had a puncture in the middle of the highway. The best part, they didn’t bring any spare tyre neither the equipments. During a phone conversation me with my cousin, I could hear the ‘gorilla’ is shouting like a mad man (my uncle =p ). In the end, I really don’t know how the first day end up, I wasn’t there and I don’t dare to ask those that were there on that day >.> It must’ve been tough handling the raging ‘gorilla’ <.<

Distributing the cuisines

"Dey, where the heck is the dish cleaner?"

Nevertheless, the second day, where the actual wedding ceremony starts, was the day I went there to help with a bunch of my cousins. The ceremony that seems small but it turned out damn hectic due to unexpected second wave of guests stomping through x.x Most of us at that time were already on the danger-zone battery life, had to fork out every inch of our spare life in order to keep pace with the storm of guests >.<

"Gimme a break already dude"

and here comes the hurricane >.<

It was suppose to be a relaxing night afterwards, but thanks to a genius who suggested for a midnight bowling match at Alamanda, I didn’t get any proper rest >.< Ah hell, might as well as go, it might be good to release up some stress when throwing the bowl =D Seriously, I haven’t play for more than a year, my score was damn embarrassing enough and qualified me to commit harakiri, seppuku >.<

A good way to release up the stress, bowling

"Wei, you guys busy bowling or eating?"

The next day, another damn tiring day, because my cousin’s engagement ceremony, at my house >.< Well, let’s do some flashback a few days beforehand. This was supposed to be her nephew’s engagement, but my mum was the one very skeptical doing a minor house renovation >.< So she decided to bought a new pair of ceiling fans (as we only using a single ceiling fan before this), and also a pair of new ceiling lights with a special center light >.> I know my mum gonna spend quite a sum to install it after this, so I decided to chip in and paid for the new lights with my salary. The end product, not bad =D

The new center main light

A close up from below

My cousin with her husband-gonnabe

The gifts from both sides

So, the grand finale, the engagement day, I took a peek while eavesdropping the conversation between both parties (I’m on the bride’s side), seriously it is boring and depressing in a sense haha >.> Anyway, the agreement has been met, so my cousin will have their wedding ceremony around this December, so Sarawak, here I come, December 2009 =D

The aftermath after two days of non-stop work. Had to be censored or i'll be killed =p


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