10 August 2009

An Evening Teatime with Myself

If there is anyone out there that were offended after reading my piece of mind below, I would sincerely apologize as all these are definitely a true stories that I would like to share with all. Whether you agree or disagree, that is up to you. I’m only trying to express my own opinion on these issues.

There is something that been running into my mind lately, keep on thinking, but unable to comprehend. It is not really a serious matter, nor local political issues, but only a whim about job and career. Finally next month I will move to a new milestone, one year working with my current company. Now my Curriculum Vitae (CV) at least showing my good and steady progression. To add the fun, my salary also will be increased and promoted as well. But of course, the responsibility will be much higher than before. Now I shall see whether I will able to handle the new hurricane of stress coming towards my way.

There was a time where I introduced my own friend to a customer since they are searching for people to fill in their vacancy. I knew my friend for quite some time already. The thing is, I didn’t expect him to be so bad in English communication. His way of communicating in English was practically too difficult to understand by anybody, including me. Honestly I was embarrassed in this situation. We have been doing countless college assignments everything in English, but then I came to realized that I actually never heard him engaging any impromptu conversation in English for all those years I spent with him unless memorizing the text when during English speech subject. Within 1 week, my customer had to tell me the truth, and with heavy feeling I had to tell him that he was unable to continue further working. It was devastating for me, but at the same time I wonder, what went wrong? Was the education system that needs to be blame when they are not educating people that English is an important skills that you need to master? Was the education system fault for not set a rule where each student must speak in English when in the school compound? As for me, I’m really grateful for the choice I made to further my studies in a private university college where English is 99% spoken. It helps me to develop the self –confidence during speaking and also improving my English greatly. Honestly, I can only wish for a certain group of people to realize its importance before it is too late.

Anyway, back to the topic, for the past few months I’ve been trying to scout a few of my friends to join me and work with the same company, for those that searching for job. I’m not sure whether it was just me, but somehow I felt like the mentality of my own friends really let me down severely. The most common kind of answers I received, “I don’t want to work with the private sector” or “No, I’m waiting for my JPA’s call up (government employment)”. Yes I know, when you are working with the government, you are practically secured, since you won’t heard any news in Malaysia where government’s staff being retrench despite the bad economic weather. But the thing is, it is well known to the local people that working with the government, you come at 9am, then breakfast till 10am, next lunch from 12pm till 2pm, finally at 4pm ask colleague to help you to punch out your card as you are leaving damn early. Another heart-wrenching phrase was “I only want a job where I can sit on my chair for the whole day”. I’m not saying all, but some. Yes, it is definitely an easy work lifestyle when you compared to a private sector companies.

Whereas in private sector, you’ll earn depends on how hard your effort. Yes, my mum been nagging me to take the government employment exam, but I refused. I felt the intensity of the private sector much more suited me whereby I seek those adventurous assignments and mind-boggling tasks. I’m not ready yet to let myself rot sitting on the chair all day until I reached my golden age. I’m still young, still got a lot of my youth energy that need to be wasted and gain that precious sweat of experience.

Few times, my close friends noticed that I have been working damn hard than any usual people, spoken to me. Well, of course partly because of money, no denying of that. But that is really not my main motivation from the start. The moment when I just got employed, I learned the embarrassing truth about my own race, especially that work with the Internet Service Provider (ISP), the one that been monopolizing Malaysia’s internet business. Their attitude and professionalism seriously being made fun by the other race counter-part. I know that any typical Malay would probably get furious and will start a racial fight with others. But as for me, rather than spending my bloody time of that worthless racial patriotism, I’m ashamed and at the same time witnessed the truth. That is why on that very point, I decided to regain back my honor, which already been tarnished from the beginning of my job. I worked extremely hard and slowly trying to gain my customer’s confidence on me, proving them that I’m not the typical Malay that they can find anywhere on the street.

Thank goodness, my effort wasn’t in vain. Slowly, the big customers recognized and acknowledged me. Some would even go to the extent of pulling me to their company instead. I really appreciate their goodwill, but as for now, I vow to keep up my job and serve the other customers. Honestly, I became quite well known between customers, and also the ISP counter-part where I pushed them all the time to do their work. Well, for the time being, somewhat I managed to survive. Currently, I’m slowly moving to improve and show my leadership skills as I believe that is important to guide the juniors working together and motivates them. It has been 1 year of new adventurous journey, but still, there is lots of thorn and blockage that I need to hurdle pass through. We will see whether I can grasp that wonderful smell of victory, one day.

To be continued..


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