13 September 2009

Cow-Head Controversy: The Ordeal with MCMC

Warning! This entry will be in the borderline of safety level before the government decides to either to censored my blog or put me in jail.

It has been a while since I updated my blog. Although I still have a few more entries to put, I guess for now I skipped the rest and update them back later.

Last week was supposed to by my 1st anniversary working under the current company (09/09/09). But I guess it turned out to be pretty twisted and wicked experience in my working experience. For those that been following the local news, you should come across with the sudden decision of the Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to take action against Malaysia’s first online news portal, which is quite well-known. This is due to the video footage that they considered offended to some of the Malaysian.

They started to question and interview those that involved. This also including my company, which hosts their servers. In the past week, my boss was interviewed by them in our own office. At that time I still haven’t arrived at the office yet as I’m on the evening shift. Being the Senior Engineer, there was a possibility that I would be called by them since I handled their server installation, network utilization, and IP allocation. But I guess luck was on my side as I didn’t been called.

But nevertheless, I had to escort them later to the Internet Data Center as they want to gather the final evidence before prosecuting my customer. They went in about 5 people and took each picture of the server that hosted the controversial video and at the same time copied the video as part of evidence.

Honestly, I felt like this is a medium of harassment which is uncalled for. But most of us know, we are just simply too powerless to fight. Oh well, one score for the government then.

Below are some of the pictures I took during the data center visit by MCMC. The other pictures are taken from courtesy from Mr. Danny Hong:



Anonymous said...

why dunch haf ur peekture wan

Heaven's Cloud said...

wait.. i dont understand what u are trying to say >.>

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