30 September 2009

Rough Sketch of the Incoming Expedition

I would like to start the post with.....

=================== FILLER ===================

It is just sad to see your friend mentally disabled. Hope God re-incarnate him into Mr Bean when he reborn, at least his retarded-ness can entertain people >.>

=================== END FILLER ===================

I would like to take this chance to wish all my readers out there a Happy Eid for those that celebrating it.

I also would like to make a small announcement to all my friends that available and have a free time to spare. Munzeer and I are planning to organize a simple camping trip to Pulau Lang Tengah in Terengganu (there will be a possibility of venue change due to monsoon condition). It will be a 3 days and 2 nights trip whereby our main objective is to enjoy ourself to the max :p Well, as for me, my real objective would be doing snorkelling all day long x)

So far only three people confirmed for the trip which are Munzeer, his cousin, and myself. For those that interested to join, you can contact Munzeer or me directly, as soon as possible. Anyhow, I’ll list out below the sketch of our planning for your reference:

- Date: 16th October 2009 – 18th October 2009
- Will be leaving around 9pm via car
- Budget for transportation around rm200 per person (as ferry itself might cost rm60 for a return ticket

As for the equipments that needed for the expedition are:
- Tent (we should have one in stock)
- Eveready Dolphin waterproof torchlight (really useful) at least each person must have one
- Mess tin
- Fire starter
- Solid fuel
- Animal repellent (especially snake)
- Knife, axe
- Fork and spoon
- Can opener
- Lighter
- Kerosine
- Rope
- Etc which u think necessary
- Raft (one raft for all of us is more than enough)
- Portable air pump
- Swimming aid
- Snorkellling set (optional)
- Sunblock
- First aid/medicine
- Clothes (the usage of shorts are highly recommended, save space and lightweight)

Nevertheless, food will our main concern for survival. Each day three types of meal will be taken (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Below are the sketch details about the food:
- Should to cover for 2 and half of days staying there (7 meals = 3 breakfast, 2 lunch, 2 dinner)
- Breakfast, bread + jam or nutella
- Estimated 2 loaf per person throughout the expedition (jumbo size)
- Lunch, maggi. Around 3 packets shared with 2 persons, or 1 packet per person per serving. Sardines, 1 can should be enough for 2 or 3 persons
- Estimated 2 or 3 maggi packets and 1 sardine can per person throughout the expedition
- Dinner, baked beans. 1 can should be enough for 2 persons.
- Estimated 1 can per person throughout the journey
- You can bring any extra food at your own discretion, but make sure it doesn’t be a burden

Water, the most valuble item for the trip. You are advised to limited yourself to consume 1 bottle per day. The detail as below:
- Will be using the 1.5 liter bottle
- Each person should bring 3 bottles (1 for backup)

That’s pretty much sums up everything. Further questions, you may contact me or mun directly.



Anonymous said...

what about cookies? every adventure needs cookies.

Heaven's Cloud said...

No one want to sponsor us cookies >.>

Anonymous said...

But what if you have an emergency? It is a lot easier to eat a cookie than to hunt for food. Maybe should replace first aid kit with box of cookies.

Heaven's Cloud said...

Err.... then if got people injured, feed them with cookies instead of medicine? (since the first aid kit only filled with cookies) >.>

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Because everyone feels better after eating a cookie! XD

Heaven's Cloud said...

and.... what are we going to do if the person ain't getting better after eating the cookies? <.<

Anonymous said...

hahaha *chu~!*
awa-chan omoshiroi

You know 'cookies' solve everything. ^_~ Have a fun trip!

Heaven's Cloud said...


Chotto matte, talking cookie, leave your contact (email) here first o.o

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