30 November 2009

A Story of "An" Hero

From a Hero:

To Zero:

But somehow:


Today somehow I got the chance to blog although being busy with work as usual. I decided to stop by at the nearest Perodua and Naza/Kia car showrooms to take a look at the new car models which are Alza and Forte.

Perodua Alza, I can't call this a MPV?! It is a bit small and can be cramped especially at the back seat. Another moving-coffin in the making >.>

Kia Forte, absolutely beautiful >.< Kia has finally came our with a very competitive car which can fight the overrated and overpriced Toyota Vios and Honda City (shame on you, Proton). I just can't believe how many sophisticated gadgets equipped with the car, but the price is less than those 2 cars >.<

Seriously, I have a thought of selling my Climhazzard already for an exchange to get this car >.>



dzoukq said...

i prefer better u sell ur black proton than chage with ur new black climhazzard..ha that the brilliant opinion from beloved R35GTR

Heaven's Cloud said...

u insane or something? o.O

Anonymous said...

I just had way too much fun driving a Z370, or in Asia I think it's called a Fairlady Z. I think you should get one! :D

Heaven's Cloud said...

Do transfer a sum of money to my account that enough for me to buy a new nissan fairlady >.>

Anonymous said...

Well it was a friend's car. Brand new. I did the test drive before the sale - and a fun drive after. :D

I would send you money... if I had it.
>.< But I don't.

We can race awa-chan!
(because cookies can drive a manual like it's nobody's business! XD) weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Heaven's Cloud said...

A friend's car.... >.>

Please rob the bank for me, pweettty pleaseee *sparkling puppy eyes* *_*

Lol... well, i still need to fulfill the promise of drinking tea together with u, then we race :p Loser need to sing the Kyou Kara Maou's opening song :P

So... how to contact u anyway? <.<

Anonymous said...

Yes friend's car. He got the Monterey blue.

This is my baby. Mine is black because black is best of course. ^_~

Stick is in-dash, and she's got a lot of zip if you know how to drive her <3. My love. Beat the Fairlady on city streets, (not highway of course hahaha).

Indeed, tea together! When will it happen? The cookie wonders when...

.. when will you sing me the KKM opening song? XD

Heaven's Cloud said...

Hmmm... somehow i cant view the link given o.o Anyway, i thought last time u were using a toyota instead? o.O

Well, it will happen... soon =p Last time u told me we are going to see each other and drink tea when we both became old and senile >.>

hahaha... You think u can beat me even before we start eh? :p I ain't memorizing the song since I will the one listening the song from u, right after i 'smoked' u :p

Anonymous said...

The Toyota was totaled when I was rear-ended by an SUV. :( Now I have the Civic Si Hatchback <3.

We can't wait until we're old and senile because we might forget who we are having tea with XP.

Honey, you can talk all you want - but I have been driving since when you were a chibi! Lol.

(p.s. I gave you my contact info already!) :p

Heaven's Cloud said...

Eh? When it happened? o.o

But if I were that old and senile, I doubt the immigration would let me board the flight :p

Heh, i don't care, make sure to start practicing singing Hateshinaku Tooi no Sora Ni now :p

(Eh, doko? o.o)

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