24 December 2009

Keisuke a.k.a Munzeer's Wedding!

This is a well-known disease that been spreading very rapidly during the school holiday, human mating season, or as known as baby-making process :p Ok ok, maybe some of us still doesn’t get my point so let’s cut the chase short. The thing I was talking is about marriage xD

I have no idea what these two guys plan to do, maybe bbq-ing the birds inside the cage?

So it was finally the time for one of my good friend finally tied the knot with his chosen one. The said person was Keisuke (Munzeer is his real name anyway >.> ) Finally he able to end his bachelor life and move on with life (or should I say moving ahead of us :p )

Time to get busy

Zul and Khaidir setting up the grill for the chickens

I weren’t available during his oath/swearing (or whatever you called it) since I myself were quite busy preparing to go back to my mum’s hometown since my own cousin is getting married (see, it is disease, told ya). But I managed to attend the ceremony for the bridegroom’s side, but as one of the volunteer for the ceremony. My assignment? It is an easy job, but with the most grueling work load with the non-stop stress-building and the one that will make the guests coming and queuing up like mad, cooking the lamb chop :p

and the mayhem begun...

In any way, I weren’t alone during at that time since Dzulq, Budin, Khaidir, and Yazid (he stuck his nose last minute right after finished his engagement with his chosen one, another disease in-the-making >.> ) Zul and Khaidir was busy grilling and barbeque-ing the chickens while Budin was helping out with the lamb chop.

Heating up the spaghetti sauce

Khaidir busy dealing with the chicken

While Zul cooked the lamb chop while posing for vanity-moment >.>

But of course, he needs to help khaidir too

Yazid decided to jump-in the bandwagon

Kak Tini (Numan's wife) was frying the fries

and the other darlings were toasting the garlic breads

It has been a long time since I tasted Munzeer’s dad home-made lamb chop. I really like the sauce that been made by his dad, simply original and tasty, unlike those lamb chop dish you can find in a normal western restaurant (exclude the high-class western restaurant okay? <.< ) Being together with a good food, I can’t resist to cook while eating at the same time, multi-tasking :p

and here comes our VVIP :P

Munzeer and Shikin (his wife name, if you still haven’t been informed) arrived soon later. Since this is just a small and simple party, there isn’t any kompang needed but just simply enter and greet everyone else there. Well, for us, had to continue our work to serve the guests making sure they are fed >.>

"WTF??!! You want us to prepare 30 lamb chops in 10 minutes for the bride and groom???!!"

Overall, it was a successful event and it went on smoothly. At last but not the least, congratulation to Munzeer and Shikin. Although seeing them together made me can’t stop reminiscing our playful childhood time, but I’ll save it later for another blog entry :p

Our friend Azhan also didn't missed the party

As for my own wedding you asked? Maybe in the next 5 – 10 years as I have plenty of things I want to play with before I settled down :P

The bbq chicken got into the third place among the guests

The runner up for the best and hottest food, Satay

and the winner... where it puts bbq chicken and satay to shame due to its heavy demands and long queue.... lamb chop xD

P/s: It appears that someone went M.I.A in Algeria during his own twin brother's wedding >.> and to make it worst, the family didn't care anymore where on earth he end up on that day LOL

At last, not the least, a memento (those that didn't come, you guys can weep :p )


15 December 2009

What the......?! Grandpa getting re-married??!!!

Presenting.. my new grandma:

Ok… just kidding, that is my cousin (camwhoring) =p

This is a story where most people would give a “WTF?!” response upon hearing it, and the single guys getting depressed with envy and jealousy. Yes, it is true, my grandpa got married again >.< Well, the actual reason was getting someone to take care of my grandpa during if he fallen sick or just helping him doing his job. Nevertheless, most of my cousins were taken by surprise when upon hearing the proposal as they weren’t expecting to get a replacement for grandma >.>

Anyway, I myself didn’t go to the engagement day due to last minute notice. But I made myself available for the oath ceremony and the wedding ceremony, which each of the ceremony was held on Sunday (oath) and the following next week’s Sunday (wedding). To be honest, I don’t really have a significant role during the whole process, but as a camera man to record the historic day LOL

During the oath swearing

Signing the marriage certificate

"I now pronounce you husband and wife" (and officially our grandma >.> )

A group picture after the ceremony

The truth is, I myself don’t really know much about my new grandma. I guess this kind of thing we need to take it slowly, but I already started to hear bad rumors going around inside the family. I don’t know what others are thinking, but if my uncles and aunties starts behaving like when small kids getting a new step-mother, I’ll be sure not to go back to my mum’s hometown ever again >.>

Yay... plucking the ripe Rambutan (do Wiki it especially non-Malaysian for further info)

Getting everyone aboard to the wedding ceremony (Climhazzard also must be shiny and clean LOL)

It is not everyday you can find yourself getting another grandma, thus a picture is a must LOL

Okay, time to go back

Anyway, below is the video during the oath swearing (akad) taken by me for education purposes and also for the LULZ :p My grandpa made a weird mistake since the dowry (mas kahwin) was agreed at RM200, but my grandpa mysteriously said RM205 during the oath <.< So he had to take a second oath with the correct dowry value LOL (but his voice was too soft to be caught by the mic >.< )


05 December 2009

A Decade with the KTM Express Train

It should’ve been more than a decade that I last rode on an express train to my mum’s hometown in Perak. Due to my grandfather is getting re-married again, I’ve decided to come during the oath/swearing (or in my language, akad nikah) ceremony despite most of my families will come back on the next weekend where the wedding ceremony will be held (of course I’ll come along too).

Being a bit scared by how lighting fast our local express busses can go on the highway, I’ve decided to take the train. It is safer, relax, but took quite some time compared to express bus. The last time I took the express train was around the early of 1990s’ where there is no air conditioner for third class seats. I remembered that I enjoyed the most when opening the windows and enjoy the wind gushing in while looking at the outside panorama.

Nowadays, even the third class seats have been equipped with air conditioner, so you can’t enjoy the way I did during the last time. Nevertheless, it was quite a nostalgic feeling when being inside the train as it reminded me what I did when I was still small. Anyway, I’ll save the post about my grandpa’s ceremony later, but for now, here are some of the pictures I took during the adventure:

Trains and locomotives, part of my romance ;)

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