05 December 2009

A Decade with the KTM Express Train

It should’ve been more than a decade that I last rode on an express train to my mum’s hometown in Perak. Due to my grandfather is getting re-married again, I’ve decided to come during the oath/swearing (or in my language, akad nikah) ceremony despite most of my families will come back on the next weekend where the wedding ceremony will be held (of course I’ll come along too).

Being a bit scared by how lighting fast our local express busses can go on the highway, I’ve decided to take the train. It is safer, relax, but took quite some time compared to express bus. The last time I took the express train was around the early of 1990s’ where there is no air conditioner for third class seats. I remembered that I enjoyed the most when opening the windows and enjoy the wind gushing in while looking at the outside panorama.

Nowadays, even the third class seats have been equipped with air conditioner, so you can’t enjoy the way I did during the last time. Nevertheless, it was quite a nostalgic feeling when being inside the train as it reminded me what I did when I was still small. Anyway, I’ll save the post about my grandpa’s ceremony later, but for now, here are some of the pictures I took during the adventure:

Trains and locomotives, part of my romance ;)


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