15 December 2009

What the......?! Grandpa getting re-married??!!!

Presenting.. my new grandma:

Ok… just kidding, that is my cousin (camwhoring) =p

This is a story where most people would give a “WTF?!” response upon hearing it, and the single guys getting depressed with envy and jealousy. Yes, it is true, my grandpa got married again >.< Well, the actual reason was getting someone to take care of my grandpa during if he fallen sick or just helping him doing his job. Nevertheless, most of my cousins were taken by surprise when upon hearing the proposal as they weren’t expecting to get a replacement for grandma >.>

Anyway, I myself didn’t go to the engagement day due to last minute notice. But I made myself available for the oath ceremony and the wedding ceremony, which each of the ceremony was held on Sunday (oath) and the following next week’s Sunday (wedding). To be honest, I don’t really have a significant role during the whole process, but as a camera man to record the historic day LOL

During the oath swearing

Signing the marriage certificate

"I now pronounce you husband and wife" (and officially our grandma >.> )

A group picture after the ceremony

The truth is, I myself don’t really know much about my new grandma. I guess this kind of thing we need to take it slowly, but I already started to hear bad rumors going around inside the family. I don’t know what others are thinking, but if my uncles and aunties starts behaving like when small kids getting a new step-mother, I’ll be sure not to go back to my mum’s hometown ever again >.>

Yay... plucking the ripe Rambutan (do Wiki it especially non-Malaysian for further info)

Getting everyone aboard to the wedding ceremony (Climhazzard also must be shiny and clean LOL)

It is not everyday you can find yourself getting another grandma, thus a picture is a must LOL

Okay, time to go back

Anyway, below is the video during the oath swearing (akad) taken by me for education purposes and also for the LULZ :p My grandpa made a weird mistake since the dowry (mas kahwin) was agreed at RM200, but my grandpa mysteriously said RM205 during the oath <.< So he had to take a second oath with the correct dowry value LOL (but his voice was too soft to be caught by the mic >.< )


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