20 November 2010

Enjoying the Weekends at Tiara Beach Resort, PD

Last year my aunts and cousins organized a short family trip to Tiara Beach Resort in Port Dickson for a 2 days and 1 night trip. Well, this was supposed to be our annual family gathering ;)

As for my family, my mum, sister, and the youngest brother attended the trip (and don’t forget about me >.> ) Besides us, the attendees were:
1) Pak Ndak and whole family
2) Pak Su and whole family
3) Kak La and Abg Saiful
4) Asyikin
5) Fahmi
6) Atirah
7) Aqashah
8) and the little sister of Atirah which I can’t remember somehow lol

19 November 2010

... and it is back! FC3S is BACK!!!

Yes, this is a time skip from the previous entry :p
The Day When FC3S Hit Rock-Bottom!

After almost 6 months of recuperation, the FC3S is finally taking its shape. But this time, he is meaner and hungry for more menial action :D

Nevertheless, the FC not really in his 100% form yet. There are still plenty of things need to be added before it can go at its fullest. For the time being, we are took it for a quick stroll over Genting Highlands over a random weekend :p

It was Friday and neither Keisuke nor I visited Genting Highland recently, which means both of us had forgotten the corners and curves there >.< The result? Yes, we were touge-ing very slowly and painfully xD Although I have given my Ragnarok to my brother, buck heck I still need my fullface helmet for some vanity shots :p

What we did after being on top of Genting Highland for just over 30 minutes? Yes, went straight back home :p


11 November 2010

The Day When FC3S Hit Rock-Bottom!

This is an attempt to clear some of the backlogs that I have kept for quite some time. First of all, please don’t be surprised by the title. Yes, the FC3S once again hit rock-bottom. This incident happened at 21st March 2010 during our outing at Sungai Tekali touge route.

The culprit of this incident, which obviously not the owner yet again, was Keisuke >.> The story began when Keisuke decided to met Hanz because he was using the FC temporarily. Hanz invited us for a drink in an Arabian restaurant somewhere near the Pavilion. So we chat for a while and invited a few Satria Neo gang over to Sungai Tekali touge, and we are off.

More story and pictures after the jump!

17 October 2010

Farewell Ragnarok

Some say, there will be a beginning and there will soon be a farewell. That sums up to what this entry is. Due to bla bla bla circumstances, my journey with Ragnarok will now ceased immediately. Now the Ragnarok will be handled over to my brother which going to take care of him.

My brother and Ragnarok on the final day

Well, this doesn’t mean I won’t see him ever again. Whenever my brother will come back home, then I’ll be seeing him again :) Hopefully my brother will take care of him like I did. Farewell Ragnarok. You have been a great Nakama :)

So now, what will be my next bike? :D

Hmmm…. Can’t decide xD


10 October 2010

Aidilfitri 2010

Aidilfitri has come to visit us once again. As usual our normal routine, the “balik kampung” (going back hometown) exodus will be the annual activity. For me, this year Aidilfitri will be slightly different. Instead of getting together sharing 1 car and drive all the way to my mum’s hometown in Parit Buntar, Perak, this year I’m going solo. Yeah, for the first time I will go back to my mum’s hometown on my own, alone, adventuring my way through with Ragnarok =)

When my mum found out, she only said “I knew it” while sighing :p My uncle (which also a biker) warned me that this time around is not a normal traffic that I’m facing. The traffic will be massive than normal. Yep, I know, I realize the huge block of wall I’m facing to ride all the way to the destination. But heck, being a hardcore RPG gamer once a long time ago whom known for notorious undying will to leveled up my game characters way too much (self-proclaimed :p ), I see this is an opportunity to level up myself with tons of experience points out there :D Ok… now I’m making life is like a RPG lol

Nevertheless, this is an adventure that shouldn’t be missed. I had to buy a brand new saddle bag to equip with Ragnarok to keep all my clothes and stuff. The saddle bag is way neater and make the bike looks more elegant :) The journey itself, well, not too bad. Indeed the traffic was massive but somehow it was less than what I expected. Oh well. I started from Klang around 8pm and I reached there around 12.30pm without any drama.

So, what have I done during the eve? The collection of pictures below sums it all up ;)

20 September 2010

... and the adventure doesn't ends there!

What would I do after getting my first bike? Ride like the wind~ :p The first thing I did was spending almost like RM2k for my equipments alone. But yeah, safety first. Screw any people that laughing at me for purchasing full-face helmet, riding jackets with padding, riding boots, glove and knee pads. At least if both of us fall, I can straight get up without scrapping my skins >.>

So far I had 2 long journeys with Ragnarok. One was the less-than-24-hours ride from Klang to Penang and back. It was pretty much an exciting adventure for me plus, during had the first time long distance during night @.@ Well, I just got news that my grandpa was sent to hospital in Ayer Hitam, Penang for an operation.

Photo taken from Nurul Asyiqin Bt Bahrudin's facebook

Started journey at 7.30pm and reached destination (mum’s hometown at Perak) around 11.30pm. I only rest till 10am the next morning and started my journey to see my grandpa in Penang. By the clock ticking to 12pm, I already warming up my bike and started my journey back. I reached Klang around 4.30pm. So yeah, everything in less than 24 hours. The aftermath? Strained both shoulders for few days LOL Lesson learned, next time rest properly before making a continuous journey :D

Next crazy journey was during the first week of fasting. All of the sudden I had the urged of buying fish crackers (in malay, Keropok Lekor) in Kemaman, Terengganu ;D So I posted my crazy plan in the biker’s forum where I always hang out. But in the one, one member decided to follow along with my crazy idea :3

More stories and pictures after the link:

15 September 2010

The Ragnarok has come!

Wishing each of my family and friends a happy Eid celebration :) Hope you guys forgive my past mistakes whether directly or indirectly.

Presenting a new member of my “nakama”

Yes, this is a Yamaha FZ150i which I bought for my temporary use and at the same time want to practice and gain more experience on biking. This is a 150cc bike with Fuel Injection, which means save petrol compared to the widely use carburetor in most of the motorcycles you can find on the road. So far I’m loving it :)

More pictures after the jump.

30 August 2010

B License Acquired!

A continuation from the previous story, Climhazzard Gutted Down.

While I was rambling on how suck life was without any transportation, suddenly God decided to bestow me with a marvelous idea. Why don’t I buy a secondary mode of transportation instead? But buying another second hand old car, I don’t think I’m willing to fork out money for an old piece of junk unlike someone *cough*Ryosuke*cough* =p

So I kept on thinking, what else besides car? Looks like I was still at the God’s mercy. All of the sudden, I thought something that I never thought before. Why not I buy a bike instead? Yes, bike is cheaper to maintain, low fuel consumption, and the most important, no need to pay toll :D

But of course, there is one big problem, my parents that will against the idea. Just to remind, I only have the D license (in Malaysia, D license means for car) as my dad only gave me money to do the D license when I was 17 years old. Screw that. I’ll buy first, then talk later =p

The course

So off I go surveying each driving schools near my area. Mostly they will charged me approximately RM700++ just to add the B to my license (B means motorbike without power restriction) plus they only offered Virago as the testing vehicle throughout the course. Hell no, I don’t want to ride that old junk. So carry on, until I found Perfect Driving Academy which offered me RM598 for the B license and plus, they are using the new ER-6N! Instantly, I was SOLD! xD

The Kawasaki ER-6N

It was my first time riding a bike properly and it was also my first ever riding a high CC bikes (ER-6N is a 650CC bike) so I was quite unused to its raw power, plus the weight >.< The most difficult obstacle, the Bridge of course. The bridge was so small and maintaining a big, heavier bike on a small ramp for an inexperience (or should I say zero experience) person was darn difficult, plus it was the first obstacle to boot >.<

Well, with sheer luck and determination, the result:

Yatta!!! xD

Yay, now I can start looking for a new bike :D But most probably I’ll be targeting a small-medium size bike first as I need to learn and gain experience on biking. It won’t be an easy journey (plus with the expected harsh feedback from parents), heck I care. Time to unfold another new journey of my life ;)


24 August 2010

Climhazzard Gutted Down

It was a bad dream comes true. Thou I wished that I would have stayed away from any kind of accidents, but futile. Road accidents comes without warning nor sign, and that what happened to Climhazzard.

Left fender gone. Lucky the left headlight managed to avoid damage

I was on a 2-car convoy on the way to our friend’s wedding, Hafiz Jamal. While passing through the Sri Indah secondary school, a Perodua Kancil was making an illegal U-turn from the opposite way of mine. Initially after made the U-turn, the driver was already on the left side of the road while I’m on the right lane. Up to that time, everything was cool from my point of view and started to overtake the car.

Both front rims damaged

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03 August 2010

Moving On

As usual, busy too update (excuse haha). Anyway, the old update can wait I guess. For the first time in my life, I decided to change my career path a.k.a company. Yes, starting from July 2010 onwards I had tendered my resignation letter to my previous company and enrolled to a new company:

Literally, my new company is my previous company’s customer :p Despite that, work experience is not entirely the same. Being with the new company which specializes in deeper server’s configuration and management, I had to learn quite a lot of stuff. The amount of knowledge required here is pretty deep and I’m just barely made it x.x

Anyway, my new office in Klang and for now, I have moved to Klang and lived in a house provided by my employer. Many thanks to him for providing me shelter and at the same time taught me a lot about Linux :)

My new table! Same as usual haha

Now I’m working in a web-hosting provider company, so for those that wants to buy their own domain name, web-hosting, VPN, VPS, etc, I can provide it to you guys. Drop me an email to awang[at]


15 June 2010

Aini's Wedding Ceremony

Rawr… busy as usual. But like the usual also, another old story update, hahaha. It has been a long time since we held a wedding ceremony at my grandparent’s house back in Perak. The last should be during my uncle (mom’s youngest brother) wedding which was a few-few years ago. This time it was my cousin’s turn since she is finally getting married.

As for me, I was busy and can’t afford to take much annual leave since I kind of already spent it during my snorkeling trip LOL. I had to skip the Akad Nikah (marriage solemnization) and come to the wedding ceremony day instead.

More pictures and stories after the jump:

28 April 2010

Graduation Day

Yatta! Finally I have graduated! =D

Err…. Ok, obviously from the picture above, my graduation was on August 2009, so basically this is an old story =p But nevertheless, time to keep up my blog with my own life I guess?

For those that didn’t know (or didn’t even bother to know lol), I’m holding a Bachelor (Hons) in Computing, Business Information Technology. Such a long name, but the reality is, I end up working in the networking environment which has been taught during the second semester only xD

That is all about it. So far I have neither intention nor interest to further my studies. I just want to make more money for now =p


04 April 2010

Open Water (OW) Scuba Diving Course License

Hmmm… I seriously need to update my blog frequently or lose my visitors… Eh wait, do I have one to begin with? Hahaha.

Anyway, I would like to announce to all of my friends out there that knows me and reading this very blog right now whether you are a guy or a girl. I’m going to take a Scuba Diving license and I would like to invite you guys that interested in getting one to join me. We will be doing the basic Open Water Diving Course. I have a few surveys and these are what I found:

4days 3nights Open Water Course @ RM1400
package includes:
*3 night accommodation
*Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner + tea break
*Ferry transfer
*PADI course material (Manual,RDP & log book)
*PADI divers certification
*Course fees
*Diving equipment usage
*Places of choice: Redang, Lang Tengah, or Tioman

The advantage of the offer above is that their shop is really opposite the South City Plaza which closes to my home. I also found another offer, RM1240 but only during weekdays. But this is directly dealing with the resort. Redang Pelangi. But I haven’t confirmed the price with the guy since I’m planning to go take the license around May or June this year. You may want to look at the sample of the activities during the 4 days 3 nights stay by clicking the link HERE.

I would like you to know, I’m quite serious on getting the license. Hence, I already spent a sum of RM729 on getting a Marine Pack for my Sony camera (empty casing only). A picture worth a thousand words when you are down there.

My goal is to explore where the second heaven on the earth resides and capture each moment of it. It is part of the romance after all =) So do let me know if you are interested in joining me.


11 March 2010

Yazid's Wedding

I would like to start with an announcement, I’m not dead yet, but a little bit too busy with the job. Nevertheless, I’m still trying to find another person to fill in the job. Until then, we will see how things going.

Anyway, I would like to congratulate one of my best friends, Yazid for finally realizing his ultimate dream, which is getting married, haha. He had his “Akad Nikah” (solemnization of marriage) on Saturday (3rd March 2010) and the wedding ceremony on the following day. A sole congratulation to him for leveling up to be a someone’s husband. Well, hopefully you guys will do well till the end.

Just a reminder, Naufal’s wedding will be at 28th March 2010, Hafiz Jamal’s wedding will be on 9th May 2010, and Dzulq’s wedding will be somewhere around October 2010 (to be announced later). As for me, nah, the time is still not yet as I still have lots of things to play, unless my mum decided to push the stop button LOL. Anyway, below is the video during Yazid’s “Akad Nikah” and some pictures gallery:

More pictures and stories after the jump:

17 January 2010

A Visit to Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark

It has been a long time since I went to a water theme park. The last time I went there was about 10 years ago at the Shah Alam's Wet World. For the record, I even never ever went to the Malaysia’s first ever water theme park, Sunway Lagoon :p Anyway, enough with the sentimental flashback shall we? :p

We decided to go there on the day after my cousin’s wedding at my grandparent’s house (I’ll post about it in the next blog entry). The place, Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark, which located just above Taiping. The place was decent, plenty of water rides, but somehow they installed bumps along the tunnel which proven to be a mood killer.

I know their purpose might to slowdown the balloon rides, but it was too high. When people ride the water attraction, speed is the factor to the thrill excitement. But they just blew it. Oh well, nothing much I can complain except for enjoying myself with the leftovers -.-

Well, nothing much to say. Enjoy the gallery below:

The infamous Japanese's Waterfall Purification ceremony (literally =p )

The most decent ride in Bukit Merah Waterpark

Here I go

More pictures and adventures after the jump:

08 January 2010

Popping The Cherry

Happy New Year 2010!...... although it looks the same like any other day to me though, no difference :p

Finally it has landed!

It was the time for Climhazzard to gone through a severe test on the road. I have decided to go uphill of Genting Highland, the well-known place to test vehicle’s pickup and brake efficiency since the road there is wide enough for any slight error if occurs (and where lots of people died there due to braking failure during downhill).

Gotta cool the baby down

More stories and pictures after the jump:
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