17 January 2010

A Visit to Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark

It has been a long time since I went to a water theme park. The last time I went there was about 10 years ago at the Shah Alam's Wet World. For the record, I even never ever went to the Malaysia’s first ever water theme park, Sunway Lagoon :p Anyway, enough with the sentimental flashback shall we? :p

We decided to go there on the day after my cousin’s wedding at my grandparent’s house (I’ll post about it in the next blog entry). The place, Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark, which located just above Taiping. The place was decent, plenty of water rides, but somehow they installed bumps along the tunnel which proven to be a mood killer.

I know their purpose might to slowdown the balloon rides, but it was too high. When people ride the water attraction, speed is the factor to the thrill excitement. But they just blew it. Oh well, nothing much I can complain except for enjoying myself with the leftovers -.-

Well, nothing much to say. Enjoy the gallery below:

The infamous Japanese's Waterfall Purification ceremony (literally =p )

The most decent ride in Bukit Merah Waterpark

Here I go

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08 January 2010

Popping The Cherry

Happy New Year 2010!...... although it looks the same like any other day to me though, no difference :p

Finally it has landed!

It was the time for Climhazzard to gone through a severe test on the road. I have decided to go uphill of Genting Highland, the well-known place to test vehicle’s pickup and brake efficiency since the road there is wide enough for any slight error if occurs (and where lots of people died there due to braking failure during downhill).

Gotta cool the baby down

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