08 January 2010

Popping The Cherry

Happy New Year 2010!...... although it looks the same like any other day to me though, no difference :p

Finally it has landed!

It was the time for Climhazzard to gone through a severe test on the road. I have decided to go uphill of Genting Highland, the well-known place to test vehicle’s pickup and brake efficiency since the road there is wide enough for any slight error if occurs (and where lots of people died there due to braking failure during downhill).

Gotta cool the baby down

More stories and pictures after the jump:

One shot for vanity =p

Well, I went up with you-know-who :p By our luck, the Genting Highland at that time was shrouded with a thick fog (or I guess it was the clouds). Basically the visibility was almost absolutely zero as going uphill became a nightmare. Nevertheless, it was a fun and valuable experience as it taught me how useful a car fog-light can be in this situation (as for those that installed xenon or white bright bulb, get prepare to be blinded lol).

I caught an illegal immigrant trying to sneak his way

Err... did I caught an immigrant or I caught an alien? o.o

The immigrant was too hyper, I had to restrained him on the road

I guess I just killed the runt and dumped him in the middle of the road =p

The scenery when on top was breathtaking, with the wind blew hard and the very low temperature. It was the first time for me to be in this kind of place and I loved every seconds of it. I hope I can visit this place with this kind phenomenon again x)

Time to head back home



Anonymous said...

Ah.. the carnage. You enjoyed your car too much ;D Come to the US, we shall have tea - then race - because I really do want to hear your singing voice. XD

guess what?! I got older. XP

Heaven's Cloud said...

Live life to the max, one would say :p Haha... nah i refuse, because my voice is too sexy that it can put Morikawa Toshiyuki's voice to shame xD


nah.. the whole earthlings itself got older :p

P/s: i didnt get your email o.o

Anonymous said...

MoriMori's voice to shame? My my, those are big words my friend. Big words. But then again, since you seem prepared to sing, I guess that means you already acknowledge I am the speed racing queen. LOL. :D!

Yes! I sent you an email, about two years ago! or.. three years ago. It's still the same email. :(

Anonymous said...

You did not keep and cherish my emails forever and ever? :'(

So sad. :P

Heaven's Cloud said...

Heh, i'm not going to take my words, that's my way of the nin- ops sorry, wrong script :p No I can't sing, because i don't know the lyrics, and I don't know japanese :p

Errrmmm... i remember you sent it to my aost pm. But then i mistakenly clean my entire inbox, which made me lost your email add >.<

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