06 February 2010

Meteorain + Girl Driver =

Bloody hell....

More wrecked pictures after the jump :(

'nuff said..



Anonymous said...

well I hope the driver was okay but considering I'm a girl driver who outdrove a boy driver in a Fairlady with my Honda Si, and I can shift faster than you can blink - Awa-chan better not stereotype >:O

Awwwaaaa-chaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!! >>>:O


Heaven's Cloud said...

It was my sister by the way.

Well, too bad. I'm the type to stereotype =p That's why I said u will end up singing because I know I'll smoke you by the end of the day =p

*Presses ALT + F4*
*Windows Media Player closed*
No more bankai or seibai :p

Emailllllllllll >:0

Anonymous said...

Hmph! Why would I send my email to someone who is in denial that girls can drive well? >:(

-eViL cookie

p.s. is your sister ok? :| hope so

Heaven's Cloud said...

Because I haven't seen any girl drives faster then me >.>

Yeah she is ok. A motorcycle hit her (was her fault as she was entering the main road). The motorcyclist broke one of his legs though v.v

Anonymous said...

She drives a lot faster than you :D.

Heaven's Cloud said...

Oh, i forgot to tell you, that's my wife :p

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