11 March 2010

Yazid's Wedding

I would like to start with an announcement, I’m not dead yet, but a little bit too busy with the job. Nevertheless, I’m still trying to find another person to fill in the job. Until then, we will see how things going.

Anyway, I would like to congratulate one of my best friends, Yazid for finally realizing his ultimate dream, which is getting married, haha. He had his “Akad Nikah” (solemnization of marriage) on Saturday (3rd March 2010) and the wedding ceremony on the following day. A sole congratulation to him for leveling up to be a someone’s husband. Well, hopefully you guys will do well till the end.

Just a reminder, Naufal’s wedding will be at 28th March 2010, Hafiz Jamal’s wedding will be on 9th May 2010, and Dzulq’s wedding will be somewhere around October 2010 (to be announced later). As for me, nah, the time is still not yet as I still have lots of things to play, unless my mum decided to push the stop button LOL. Anyway, below is the video during Yazid’s “Akad Nikah” and some pictures gallery:

More pictures and stories after the jump:
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