28 April 2010

Graduation Day

Yatta! Finally I have graduated! =D

Err…. Ok, obviously from the picture above, my graduation was on August 2009, so basically this is an old story =p But nevertheless, time to keep up my blog with my own life I guess?

For those that didn’t know (or didn’t even bother to know lol), I’m holding a Bachelor (Hons) in Computing, Business Information Technology. Such a long name, but the reality is, I end up working in the networking environment which has been taught during the second semester only xD

That is all about it. So far I have neither intention nor interest to further my studies. I just want to make more money for now =p



Anonymous said...

That's great Awa-chan, but who's the good looking guy holding a diploma in the first picture? ;P

Did you know cookies like to travel to Japan and shoot arrows? Well now you do.

Heaven's Cloud said...

Which guy? o.O

No... u are wrong... cookies like to travel into people's mouth till the stomach =p

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