15 June 2010

Aini's Wedding Ceremony

Rawr… busy as usual. But like the usual also, another old story update, hahaha. It has been a long time since we held a wedding ceremony at my grandparent’s house back in Perak. The last should be during my uncle (mom’s youngest brother) wedding which was a few-few years ago. This time it was my cousin’s turn since she is finally getting married.

As for me, I was busy and can’t afford to take much annual leave since I kind of already spent it during my snorkeling trip LOL. I had to skip the Akad Nikah (marriage solemnization) and come to the wedding ceremony day instead.

More pictures and stories after the jump:

If the usual wedding, I’ll be sitting on the backstage and start washing plates and glasses :p But this time around, my role was a bit different. I’ll be the cameraman for the whole session. My mum managed to borrow a Nikon D70 from her office for our use :)

During the ceremony, I was snapping away pictures like mad xD I’m impressed by this so-called DSLR camera which totally different than a normal compact digital camera. Well, should add a DSLR into my wish list then :p

The ceremony went out smoothly. The crowd was handful. As for me that just got there after 6 hours journey with the train without a proper sleep, the dizziness is getting into me. After the ceremony, I went flat-out till night time where they are organizing a gift opening ceremony. They had to woke up me up because I’m the cameraman after all haha

Below are the pictures during both day and night events:

Anyway, next destination will be Kuching, Sarawak as my cousin’s husband is the resident there. Will be looking forward for my first ever plane experience. Until then, Sarawak, you shall wait for the incoming Orange Army:



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