30 August 2010

B License Acquired!

A continuation from the previous story, Climhazzard Gutted Down.

While I was rambling on how suck life was without any transportation, suddenly God decided to bestow me with a marvelous idea. Why don’t I buy a secondary mode of transportation instead? But buying another second hand old car, I don’t think I’m willing to fork out money for an old piece of junk unlike someone *cough*Ryosuke*cough* =p

So I kept on thinking, what else besides car? Looks like I was still at the God’s mercy. All of the sudden, I thought something that I never thought before. Why not I buy a bike instead? Yes, bike is cheaper to maintain, low fuel consumption, and the most important, no need to pay toll :D

But of course, there is one big problem, my parents that will against the idea. Just to remind, I only have the D license (in Malaysia, D license means for car) as my dad only gave me money to do the D license when I was 17 years old. Screw that. I’ll buy first, then talk later =p

The course

So off I go surveying each driving schools near my area. Mostly they will charged me approximately RM700++ just to add the B to my license (B means motorbike without power restriction) plus they only offered Virago as the testing vehicle throughout the course. Hell no, I don’t want to ride that old junk. So carry on, until I found Perfect Driving Academy which offered me RM598 for the B license and plus, they are using the new ER-6N! Instantly, I was SOLD! xD

The Kawasaki ER-6N

It was my first time riding a bike properly and it was also my first ever riding a high CC bikes (ER-6N is a 650CC bike) so I was quite unused to its raw power, plus the weight >.< The most difficult obstacle, the Bridge of course. The bridge was so small and maintaining a big, heavier bike on a small ramp for an inexperience (or should I say zero experience) person was darn difficult, plus it was the first obstacle to boot >.<

Well, with sheer luck and determination, the result:

Yatta!!! xD

Yay, now I can start looking for a new bike :D But most probably I’ll be targeting a small-medium size bike first as I need to learn and gain experience on biking. It won’t be an easy journey (plus with the expected harsh feedback from parents), heck I care. Time to unfold another new journey of my life ;)


24 August 2010

Climhazzard Gutted Down

It was a bad dream comes true. Thou I wished that I would have stayed away from any kind of accidents, but futile. Road accidents comes without warning nor sign, and that what happened to Climhazzard.

Left fender gone. Lucky the left headlight managed to avoid damage

I was on a 2-car convoy on the way to our friend’s wedding, Hafiz Jamal. While passing through the Sri Indah secondary school, a Perodua Kancil was making an illegal U-turn from the opposite way of mine. Initially after made the U-turn, the driver was already on the left side of the road while I’m on the right lane. Up to that time, everything was cool from my point of view and started to overtake the car.

Both front rims damaged

Click the link for more stories and pictures

03 August 2010

Moving On

As usual, busy too update (excuse haha). Anyway, the old update can wait I guess. For the first time in my life, I decided to change my career path a.k.a company. Yes, starting from July 2010 onwards I had tendered my resignation letter to my previous company and enrolled to a new company:

Literally, my new company is my previous company’s customer :p Despite that, work experience is not entirely the same. Being with the new company which specializes in deeper server’s configuration and management, I had to learn quite a lot of stuff. The amount of knowledge required here is pretty deep and I’m just barely made it x.x

Anyway, my new office in Klang and for now, I have moved to Klang and lived in a house provided by my employer. Many thanks to him for providing me shelter and at the same time taught me a lot about Linux :)

My new table! Same as usual haha

Now I’m working in a web-hosting provider company, so for those that wants to buy their own domain name, web-hosting, VPN, VPS, etc, I can provide it to you guys. Drop me an email to awang[at]

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