30 August 2010

B License Acquired!

A continuation from the previous story, Climhazzard Gutted Down.

While I was rambling on how suck life was without any transportation, suddenly God decided to bestow me with a marvelous idea. Why don’t I buy a secondary mode of transportation instead? But buying another second hand old car, I don’t think I’m willing to fork out money for an old piece of junk unlike someone *cough*Ryosuke*cough* =p

So I kept on thinking, what else besides car? Looks like I was still at the God’s mercy. All of the sudden, I thought something that I never thought before. Why not I buy a bike instead? Yes, bike is cheaper to maintain, low fuel consumption, and the most important, no need to pay toll :D

But of course, there is one big problem, my parents that will against the idea. Just to remind, I only have the D license (in Malaysia, D license means for car) as my dad only gave me money to do the D license when I was 17 years old. Screw that. I’ll buy first, then talk later =p

The course

So off I go surveying each driving schools near my area. Mostly they will charged me approximately RM700++ just to add the B to my license (B means motorbike without power restriction) plus they only offered Virago as the testing vehicle throughout the course. Hell no, I don’t want to ride that old junk. So carry on, until I found Perfect Driving Academy which offered me RM598 for the B license and plus, they are using the new ER-6N! Instantly, I was SOLD! xD

The Kawasaki ER-6N

It was my first time riding a bike properly and it was also my first ever riding a high CC bikes (ER-6N is a 650CC bike) so I was quite unused to its raw power, plus the weight >.< The most difficult obstacle, the Bridge of course. The bridge was so small and maintaining a big, heavier bike on a small ramp for an inexperience (or should I say zero experience) person was darn difficult, plus it was the first obstacle to boot >.<

Well, with sheer luck and determination, the result:

Yatta!!! xD

Yay, now I can start looking for a new bike :D But most probably I’ll be targeting a small-medium size bike first as I need to learn and gain experience on biking. It won’t be an easy journey (plus with the expected harsh feedback from parents), heck I care. Time to unfold another new journey of my life ;)



Anonymous said...

Hey i dont know if you're still active but i just wanna know where did you do your full b licence . I am very interested myself in doing it. can you pls let me know?

Unknown said...

Hi, may I know where (which place) you took your full B license? Thanks.

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