24 August 2010

Climhazzard Gutted Down

It was a bad dream comes true. Thou I wished that I would have stayed away from any kind of accidents, but futile. Road accidents comes without warning nor sign, and that what happened to Climhazzard.

Left fender gone. Lucky the left headlight managed to avoid damage

I was on a 2-car convoy on the way to our friend’s wedding, Hafiz Jamal. While passing through the Sri Indah secondary school, a Perodua Kancil was making an illegal U-turn from the opposite way of mine. Initially after made the U-turn, the driver was already on the left side of the road while I’m on the right lane. Up to that time, everything was cool from my point of view and started to overtake the car.

Both front rims damaged

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But why on earth, there is no wind blowing neither animal on the road, only God knows what the heck the driver suddenly tried to change to the right lane while I was overtaking >.< The crash course seems imminent and inevitable by that moment. The car pinned me on my left side and at the same time dragged my car to the concrete barrier on the right side of the road >.<

The culprit

Dammit, this is not happening! This can’t be real! What on earth that driver was thinking? I only can shout inside my mind. As we pulled down on the left side, I found out that the driver was only a girl driver which still under P license (Probation) >.<

The kancil's rim can't withstand the impact

She called her brother to assist, and we reached an agreement to settle it ourselves. The next day I went to Proton to estimate the cost of repair. Upon knowing the estimated cost, that brother complained they don’t have such money. If that was the case then, I said we’ll make a police report and claimed the insurance, and so both of us did.

Out of courtesy, we helped him to put the spare tyre

The full police investigation took around 3 weeks to finish and I won the case, means I can claim that Kancil insurance. For the trivia, I found out the Kancil was only a rented car ~.~

After 1 week later, finally my car being released from the workshop. Well, it does looks like new. But honestly, I’m not too entirely pleased or satisfied with the steering feedback. Oh well, might as well send my car to a reputable tyre shop later on.

Speedy recovery, but......

But seriously, the lesson of the day, although it sounds nice that you are claiming other people insurance, but the agony of having days without car is a pain in the arse, especially your work requires you to travel with car >.< Try your best to avoid any accident even though you are on the innocent side.


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