03 August 2010

Moving On

As usual, busy too update (excuse haha). Anyway, the old update can wait I guess. For the first time in my life, I decided to change my career path a.k.a company. Yes, starting from July 2010 onwards I had tendered my resignation letter to my previous company and enrolled to a new company:

Literally, my new company is my previous company’s customer :p Despite that, work experience is not entirely the same. Being with the new company which specializes in deeper server’s configuration and management, I had to learn quite a lot of stuff. The amount of knowledge required here is pretty deep and I’m just barely made it x.x

Anyway, my new office in Klang and for now, I have moved to Klang and lived in a house provided by my employer. Many thanks to him for providing me shelter and at the same time taught me a lot about Linux :)

My new table! Same as usual haha

Now I’m working in a web-hosting provider company, so for those that wants to buy their own domain name, web-hosting, VPN, VPS, etc, I can provide it to you guys. Drop me an email to awang[at]


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