20 September 2010

... and the adventure doesn't ends there!

What would I do after getting my first bike? Ride like the wind~ :p The first thing I did was spending almost like RM2k for my equipments alone. But yeah, safety first. Screw any people that laughing at me for purchasing full-face helmet, riding jackets with padding, riding boots, glove and knee pads. At least if both of us fall, I can straight get up without scrapping my skins >.>

So far I had 2 long journeys with Ragnarok. One was the less-than-24-hours ride from Klang to Penang and back. It was pretty much an exciting adventure for me plus, during had the first time long distance during night @.@ Well, I just got news that my grandpa was sent to hospital in Ayer Hitam, Penang for an operation.

Photo taken from Nurul Asyiqin Bt Bahrudin's facebook

Started journey at 7.30pm and reached destination (mum’s hometown at Perak) around 11.30pm. I only rest till 10am the next morning and started my journey to see my grandpa in Penang. By the clock ticking to 12pm, I already warming up my bike and started my journey back. I reached Klang around 4.30pm. So yeah, everything in less than 24 hours. The aftermath? Strained both shoulders for few days LOL Lesson learned, next time rest properly before making a continuous journey :D

Next crazy journey was during the first week of fasting. All of the sudden I had the urged of buying fish crackers (in malay, Keropok Lekor) in Kemaman, Terengganu ;D So I posted my crazy plan in the biker’s forum where I always hang out. But in the one, one member decided to follow along with my crazy idea :3

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15 September 2010

The Ragnarok has come!

Wishing each of my family and friends a happy Eid celebration :) Hope you guys forgive my past mistakes whether directly or indirectly.

Presenting a new member of my “nakama”

Yes, this is a Yamaha FZ150i which I bought for my temporary use and at the same time want to practice and gain more experience on biking. This is a 150cc bike with Fuel Injection, which means save petrol compared to the widely use carburetor in most of the motorcycles you can find on the road. So far I’m loving it :)

More pictures after the jump.
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