15 September 2010

The Ragnarok has come!

Wishing each of my family and friends a happy Eid celebration :) Hope you guys forgive my past mistakes whether directly or indirectly.

Presenting a new member of my “nakama”

Yes, this is a Yamaha FZ150i which I bought for my temporary use and at the same time want to practice and gain more experience on biking. This is a 150cc bike with Fuel Injection, which means save petrol compared to the widely use carburetor in most of the motorcycles you can find on the road. So far I’m loving it :)

More pictures after the jump.

The bike is fast and nimble. It is very easy to handle. A good beginner bike I would say. The major advantage besides fuel injected are bigger petrol tanks (less frequent visit to petrol stations) and water-cooled (comes with radiator like cars do). You want a good bike for learning and daily commute to work or even market, I recommend it :)


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