17 October 2010

Farewell Ragnarok

Some say, there will be a beginning and there will soon be a farewell. That sums up to what this entry is. Due to bla bla bla circumstances, my journey with Ragnarok will now ceased immediately. Now the Ragnarok will be handled over to my brother which going to take care of him.

My brother and Ragnarok on the final day

Well, this doesn’t mean I won’t see him ever again. Whenever my brother will come back home, then I’ll be seeing him again :) Hopefully my brother will take care of him like I did. Farewell Ragnarok. You have been a great Nakama :)

So now, what will be my next bike? :D

Hmmm…. Can’t decide xD


10 October 2010

Aidilfitri 2010

Aidilfitri has come to visit us once again. As usual our normal routine, the “balik kampung” (going back hometown) exodus will be the annual activity. For me, this year Aidilfitri will be slightly different. Instead of getting together sharing 1 car and drive all the way to my mum’s hometown in Parit Buntar, Perak, this year I’m going solo. Yeah, for the first time I will go back to my mum’s hometown on my own, alone, adventuring my way through with Ragnarok =)

When my mum found out, she only said “I knew it” while sighing :p My uncle (which also a biker) warned me that this time around is not a normal traffic that I’m facing. The traffic will be massive than normal. Yep, I know, I realize the huge block of wall I’m facing to ride all the way to the destination. But heck, being a hardcore RPG gamer once a long time ago whom known for notorious undying will to leveled up my game characters way too much (self-proclaimed :p ), I see this is an opportunity to level up myself with tons of experience points out there :D Ok… now I’m making life is like a RPG lol

Nevertheless, this is an adventure that shouldn’t be missed. I had to buy a brand new saddle bag to equip with Ragnarok to keep all my clothes and stuff. The saddle bag is way neater and make the bike looks more elegant :) The journey itself, well, not too bad. Indeed the traffic was massive but somehow it was less than what I expected. Oh well. I started from Klang around 8pm and I reached there around 12.30pm without any drama.

So, what have I done during the eve? The collection of pictures below sums it all up ;)

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