20 November 2010

Enjoying the Weekends at Tiara Beach Resort, PD

Last year my aunts and cousins organized a short family trip to Tiara Beach Resort in Port Dickson for a 2 days and 1 night trip. Well, this was supposed to be our annual family gathering ;)

As for my family, my mum, sister, and the youngest brother attended the trip (and don’t forget about me >.> ) Besides us, the attendees were:
1) Pak Ndak and whole family
2) Pak Su and whole family
3) Kak La and Abg Saiful
4) Asyikin
5) Fahmi
6) Atirah
7) Aqashah
8) and the little sister of Atirah which I can’t remember somehow lol

19 November 2010

... and it is back! FC3S is BACK!!!

Yes, this is a time skip from the previous entry :p
The Day When FC3S Hit Rock-Bottom!

After almost 6 months of recuperation, the FC3S is finally taking its shape. But this time, he is meaner and hungry for more menial action :D

Nevertheless, the FC not really in his 100% form yet. There are still plenty of things need to be added before it can go at its fullest. For the time being, we are took it for a quick stroll over Genting Highlands over a random weekend :p

It was Friday and neither Keisuke nor I visited Genting Highland recently, which means both of us had forgotten the corners and curves there >.< The result? Yes, we were touge-ing very slowly and painfully xD Although I have given my Ragnarok to my brother, buck heck I still need my fullface helmet for some vanity shots :p

What we did after being on top of Genting Highland for just over 30 minutes? Yes, went straight back home :p


11 November 2010

The Day When FC3S Hit Rock-Bottom!

This is an attempt to clear some of the backlogs that I have kept for quite some time. First of all, please don’t be surprised by the title. Yes, the FC3S once again hit rock-bottom. This incident happened at 21st March 2010 during our outing at Sungai Tekali touge route.

The culprit of this incident, which obviously not the owner yet again, was Keisuke >.> The story began when Keisuke decided to met Hanz because he was using the FC temporarily. Hanz invited us for a drink in an Arabian restaurant somewhere near the Pavilion. So we chat for a while and invited a few Satria Neo gang over to Sungai Tekali touge, and we are off.

More story and pictures after the jump!
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