19 November 2010

... and it is back! FC3S is BACK!!!

Yes, this is a time skip from the previous entry :p
The Day When FC3S Hit Rock-Bottom!

After almost 6 months of recuperation, the FC3S is finally taking its shape. But this time, he is meaner and hungry for more menial action :D

Nevertheless, the FC not really in his 100% form yet. There are still plenty of things need to be added before it can go at its fullest. For the time being, we are took it for a quick stroll over Genting Highlands over a random weekend :p

It was Friday and neither Keisuke nor I visited Genting Highland recently, which means both of us had forgotten the corners and curves there >.< The result? Yes, we were touge-ing very slowly and painfully xD Although I have given my Ragnarok to my brother, buck heck I still need my fullface helmet for some vanity shots :p

What we did after being on top of Genting Highland for just over 30 minutes? Yes, went straight back home :p


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