11 November 2010

The Day When FC3S Hit Rock-Bottom!

This is an attempt to clear some of the backlogs that I have kept for quite some time. First of all, please don’t be surprised by the title. Yes, the FC3S once again hit rock-bottom. This incident happened at 21st March 2010 during our outing at Sungai Tekali touge route.

The culprit of this incident, which obviously not the owner yet again, was Keisuke >.> The story began when Keisuke decided to met Hanz because he was using the FC temporarily. Hanz invited us for a drink in an Arabian restaurant somewhere near the Pavilion. So we chat for a while and invited a few Satria Neo gang over to Sungai Tekali touge, and we are off.

More story and pictures after the jump!

But 1 thing caught my attention during at the restaurant, Hanz were pouring tea to all of us. But when it came to Keisuke’s turn, the glass went crack itself! The scene was almost like one you can see on a tv drama when it comes to bad omen. Although I’m not a fan of superstition, but I can’t get rid of the feeling of uneasiness that swelling inside of me.

Anyway, we are off. Keisuke and Hanz rode the FC while I carried the ‘precious cargo’ with my Climhazzard whom are Keisuke’s wife and Hanz’s girlfriend LOL We talked about ghost stories while on the way and I can’t help myself to bring the glass-cracking incident earlier to the discussion. Yes they do notice it but just decided to keep quiet about it. Well, let’s just focus on the road then?

So we met with the rest of the gang and proceed to the destination. When reaching the Sungai Tekali touge, business as usual. The ‘precious cargo’ left inside my car for them to sleep while the rest of us were outside and had a 1-on-1 battle along the touge.

So it was my turn of getting into the FC. I prepped myself and we are off. I kinda noticed that Keisuke somehow being overly too excited about the FC new body balance after they installed the roll cage. As usual, I hate going to Tekali touge because 1 round is enough to make me goes dizzy, most probably due to sudden rapid climb and descend.

After our crazy outrun, Keisuke said he had enough and want to drive slowly next (yeah right). So one of the Neo members decided to take the passenger seat and off they went again. As for us, we just continue chatting with the rest of the friends.

It was then, I felt like it was getting too long for a normal run. I alerted the rest and they agreed with me. Then suddenly the bad omen premonition I had back then came back to me. I just can’t keep my heart to calm down and asked one of the guys to look for them. Then a car came from the hill while putting high beam towards us.

“Ok, this is really not a good sign at all” what my heart shouted. I tried to call Keisuke and managed to get through. Yes, to my expectation, I heard from his mouth “accident”. Well, nothing can’t be compared to what I felt that moment. Keisuke told me that they barely driving the car slowly and now nearing the place we gathered.

We patiently waited and Hanz went and get Keisuke’s wife about the news. She was so shocked and scared if anything happened to Keisuke (which wife that doesn’t?)

Finally, the FC was on sight, limping its way through. Well, at least I’m glad both of them were alright but the car is definitely not. Based from the outside appearance, this time around the damage is far worst than what Yazid had done before.

FC bodywork bends almost like a boomerang and with a little twist as well. Nothing else much to be done now. We slowly drove the car and parked the FC at the police station nearby so that we can pick it up by tomorrow morning.

Well, what a bad night and I didn’t expect that the bad omen earlier came true. Anyway, Keisuke gonna fork out the money by himself and since he just got his annual bonus, he might as well use that money for the repair.
But wait, is that money suppose for our scuba diving trip???? >.<

To be continued…


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