20 November 2010

Enjoying the Weekends at Tiara Beach Resort, PD

Last year my aunts and cousins organized a short family trip to Tiara Beach Resort in Port Dickson for a 2 days and 1 night trip. Well, this was supposed to be our annual family gathering ;)

As for my family, my mum, sister, and the youngest brother attended the trip (and don’t forget about me >.> ) Besides us, the attendees were:
1) Pak Ndak and whole family
2) Pak Su and whole family
3) Kak La and Abg Saiful
4) Asyikin
5) Fahmi
6) Atirah
7) Aqashah
8) and the little sister of Atirah which I can’t remember somehow lol

Well, the main activity would be…… have fun with the water :D The place was unexpectedly nice but most water rides are meant for small kids only >.> There was also night activities during the weekends, so the customers will be entertained.

As for me, being a bit overcrowded in the room we rented had made me a bit discomfort with some still want to watch TV even at late night. As my limit getting higher, I woke up and just slept the whole night inside my car, peaceful and no one going to make noise >.>

Despite being a well made place, there was something that I don’t really prefer coming here during weekends. As Sunday arisen, the whole place was overcrowded >.< With very little space to play, I end up staying in the room until our time was up. To add more salt to the wound, going back would be another pain in the arse as traffic jams are building up all the way until the Port Dickson’s highway >.<

Below are some pictures that I took during the vacation:

Anyway, it was a fun place to be nevertheless ;) At least it was a good place for family recreation and a nice man-made water recreational park :)


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Anonymous said...

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