10 April 2011

Welcoming the Nikon D90

Do you ever wonder if you have a tendency to buy things on impulse? Maybe some will say yes, and some might have a good self-control.

For myself, I can say that I have good self control. But for once, I have failed :p On the date of 30th October 2010, I had bought something that I couldn't imagine. I always dream of getting one, but I never considered it seriously. Coincidentally on that very day, I had just attended Dzulq’s solemnization. On the evening, my friends and I went to Alamanda with the intention of buying gifts for Dzulq’s marriage on the next day.

As I was together with Budin, we decided to go into the Nikon’s shop. There, all hell breaks loose xD At first, I had my interest on the D3100, but the basic lens doesn’t come with a manual focus adjuster. This leads me to my original target, the D90 which the basic lens kit has the focus adjuster.

I learned that I can get quite a sum of discounts plus with plenty of goodies. The most important, I learned that I can pay it on installment basis with just a help from a credit card o.O

After a quick calculation on my monthly spending, I was sold xD So hence, I welcome the Nikon D90 to part of my collections :D Looks like I will have another things to look forward to, learning the proper way of photography ;)

Below are some of the shots of my Nikon D90:

More pictures after the jump:

20 March 2011

Alive! Somehow...

Yay, I’m back! After disappearing for the last 4 months? Haha. Nah, I really didn’t went underground nor I was dead (unlike those malicious-intent comments on the chatbox >.> ) It is just that from December 2010 onwards, I once again changed my job. Yup, this time I had decided to leave despite only 5 months working with my previous company.

So now I’ll be working under the companies below:

Basically my job doesn’t change much. Still the same business nature. But this time the environment is much more hectic than before, busy as hell. But nevertheless, it is very enjoying and happening :) It has been 3 months since then, I’m still enjoying my time there. This time, the responsibility is a bit different. We are now working as a team, so it is important to maintain teamwork which attaining our goals ;)

Despite my current job is based on shift, which I will work 4 days and have a 4 days off, most of the time I spent on those 4 days off by sleeping xD Seriously, the motivation to continue blogging beginning to fade along the way.

Ah screw that! Now I’m back, so I will try to keep things updated. For those that noticed, my blog did went a bit haywire since I was playing with the DNS settings before I left the previous company, so it was redirected to a blank page :p But now I have fixed it, so hope it ends up well. But first of all, I must clear all the backlogs though xD Oh well, time to move on. Hope the spirits till continue. Until then, goodbye ;)

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