10 April 2011

Welcoming the Nikon D90

Do you ever wonder if you have a tendency to buy things on impulse? Maybe some will say yes, and some might have a good self-control.

For myself, I can say that I have good self control. But for once, I have failed :p On the date of 30th October 2010, I had bought something that I couldn't imagine. I always dream of getting one, but I never considered it seriously. Coincidentally on that very day, I had just attended Dzulq’s solemnization. On the evening, my friends and I went to Alamanda with the intention of buying gifts for Dzulq’s marriage on the next day.

As I was together with Budin, we decided to go into the Nikon’s shop. There, all hell breaks loose xD At first, I had my interest on the D3100, but the basic lens doesn’t come with a manual focus adjuster. This leads me to my original target, the D90 which the basic lens kit has the focus adjuster.

I learned that I can get quite a sum of discounts plus with plenty of goodies. The most important, I learned that I can pay it on installment basis with just a help from a credit card o.O

After a quick calculation on my monthly spending, I was sold xD So hence, I welcome the Nikon D90 to part of my collections :D Looks like I will have another things to look forward to, learning the proper way of photography ;)

Below are some of the shots of my Nikon D90:

More pictures after the jump:
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