13 December 2012

Risik-Merisik Tradition: Awang & Linda

By the blessing from Allah S.W.T. my family had finally met my sweetheart's family on 27th October 2012 which a day after the Aidiladha celebration.

This is the first step in Malay tradition of getting married. According to Malay custom, the "Merisik" (in English means "spying") is a tradition whereby the boy's family went to the girl's house and met her parents. Then the boy's parents will ask the girl's parents that their son is interested with their daughter  So they wanted to know whether the girl is available or not. Back in old days, the boy and the girl usually never know each other. But now... oh well, lets call it modernization and globalization :p 

During the visit, everything went smoothly despite heavy rain before departing. My dad... well, did the expected, by remaining silenced and petrified hahaha. Frankly speaking, he don't know how to speak and act. It was his first after all. As for my mum, she was able to represent my family. According to the tradition, the boy is not supposed to be there, but I was there as well. But I just remained quiet and took the photos :)

By tradition, if the girl declares that she is available and agreed  to accept  the boy's wish, then the boy's side will give a small ring as a mark. The girl will wear this ring till the engagement day. This is to indicates that she is already not available ;)

Anyhow, enjoy the collection of pictures below, taken and edit by me:

Next, our engagement day which is set on 2013. Now it is time to start getting to know better regarding my future in-laws. As far as I knew them, they are a great and lively bunch of people. I really felt the warm welcome from them to their family. Hope she is the one that meant for me. Insya-Allah. Until that time, stay tuned for more ;)


06 December 2012

A short visit to Kelantan, and a lesson learned for all..

I made a quick visit to Kelantan today. It was due to one of my uncle were hospitalized recently. He got struck by a stroke a month ago while meeting.

As some might aware, stroke attack usually quite severe. The most common thing you will hear is paralyze. Yes, my uncle was practically paralyze but temporary. It all began when his brain's fluid were stuck inside and unable to flow smoothly. Due to that, he was hit with severe head pain and collapse on that day.

Doctors had no choice but to cut his skull open to free up the fluid's flow inside his brain. Due to that, he was in comma for few days. The next checkup once he is admitted were not that forgiving too. He was scanned to have a high blood pressure (which one of the cause of his stroke) and failing kidneys.

The result? He is now unable to move his body, not able to think properly and can't even speak.. For now. Eventually as I visited today, he is practically better. Now he is not depending on breathing machine to breathe. After doing a little therapy, he can sometimes started to grab things. Whether intentionally or not, that is anybody guess.

But nevertheless, he is getting better, Insya-Allah.

But what the most important thing is, his condition actually were caused by one thing. A thing where most fellow traditional malay would do. That thing is, so-called traditional medicine. If you ever come across with it, do try read the label. Practically you can see that the medicine can cure practically any severe problems like blood pressure, migraine, heart, diabetes, and many2 more. Just one simple pill that claimed to cure everything.

It is quite common so see it, especially in rural area. They put such claim, and they make it looks islamic, so people are buying like free burgers. The thing is, do think logically. One pill can heal everything? What such formula used that can beat all the scientist's hard word just to produce a pill that can, at least reduced one type of pain. Yes, just one.

It is unthinkable. It is unreal. But the thing is, there is one incorrect testimony which leads to others to believe.
The person who bought it, recommends it to the friend, neighbour, etc. The person realized when he ate the pills, his health became slightly better. This is where he is now believed that the pills really worked and started to recommend to others.

What people can't see is, the long term effect of this pills. No one really realized what is contain inside the pills. For those that don't know, it is practically almost 100% steroid! Yes steroid. It is a type of painkiller that is very effective in short term. Overused it, your body will take the toll. That is the thing that has been destroying the body, by constant taking it.

The problem is now, you can see these kind of pills everywhere. Everyone had their own brand. Those people that sold it under their own name, never even bothered to check the real contents of the pills. Some even went to the extent of producing counterfeit ministry of health's hologram. They want to show that their product is safe and approved. In the outside appearance, the ministry of health should play an active role on this. But... From what I heard, this thing has gone out of control. The ministry can't prevent it despite the warning and bust up. There are too many these kind of pills out there.

A very good example recently, someone produced the pills by using the infamous Adi Putra mathematic whiz kid. People starts buying since they saw that the whiz kid endorsed the pills. Which parents that don't want their kid smart right? So when their kids are getting sick, then the problem starts. The best thing about this case, if I'm not mistaken, it was that kid's father doing. I'm not really sure what happened to him after that.


Ok, I realized that I wrote up too much. But the thing is, be careful of what you eat. There is no such thing as a medicine that can cure all. Stay healthy and stay away from suspicious medicines. 

And now... I'm inside the bus, on the way back to my home while getting a bad flu, arrgghh >.< Good bye Kelantan and hopefully Pakcik (uncle) Shah will recover soon, aminnn.


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04 December 2012


Do you need some sweet pastries to spice up your mundane evening? Do you need something brilliant for a party? Do you want to give something to your guests for them to remember?

Fret not, DSweeterz.MY is here :D

Planning for any big event or any other special occasion can become overwhelming, especially in terms of food i.e the dessert and the tiny little thing called "door gift" for memories purposes of course.

Believe it or not these things plays a major role in parties and gatherings for friends or even families.

DSweeterz.MY can help you coordinate all these 'tiny' exciting details that will make your event spectacular.

Below are some of the products we offered:






Candy buffet
and plenty more that can be found on the website. So don't wait anymore, head to and start ordering now :D

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23 November 2012

... and I passed the exam, yey!

After battling with the cold blooded, heart pumping and grueling questions for 1 hour, I finally made it to the cut :D

I have passed the (70-662 TS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Configuring) with 858 marks over 1000. The passing mark is 700. So I'm now a Microsoft Certified Engineer, yey! Banzai!!!

*fell asleep after a tiring day*


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22 November 2012

70-662 TS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Configuring

Tomorrow I'm going to take this exam. It consist of 55 questions and needs to be completed within 2 hours. Below is an example of the question:

I'm going to die!!!!! x_x


19 November 2012

A Feast at Seoul Garden with Budin

It has been ages that a good friend of mine Budin, wanted to try to go to the Seoul Garden. It is not a place somewhere in Korea, mind you. It is a buffet restaurant which provides korean-theme cuisine, bbq and steamboat.

There were a few attempts made by us to go there. But somehow, there was always something that happened which made us canceled our plans. After constant nagging and several misfortunes in our previous try, finally we had this chance. Despite I need to go for my night shift later, but what the heck. We live for food, so screw the job haha

and let the feast begin!
Various kind of bbq flavor
So we decided to head to the nearest branch which in IOI Mall, Puchong, on the 25th October 2012.

We went in as early as 12.30pm and we finished at 3.30pm. That was the longest ever I had spend time during a buffet. We ate, chilled, and ate again xD Frankly, we made sure that we ate worth what we are paying haha

One of the chilli sauce
Eating time :D
Some of the choices for steamboat
Some of the choices for bbq
But of course, it was not just normal dine-in. We had a  little photoshoot while eating. Budin brought over his beloved (lol) Danbo model. For those that don't know what is Danbo, please head over to Google, okay?

Danbo photoshooting
I swore that some people passed by threw their weird face to us. I guess it is normal when you seeing 2 middle aged adults trying to take picture of a toy xD But do we give a damn? Nope. For me, it is something that we do it for fun. But of course I have no intention in getting one, but I don't mind having a subject for photography. That is what a photographer should be, focusing on their subject :)

Anyway, below is the result of the photoshoot:

We shall return!


15 November 2012

Maal Hijrah 1434 & Happy Deepavali

I would like to wish to all muslim readers out there a happy new year of 1434.

As for the hindus out there, happy deepavali as well.

And as for me, just had a buffet steamboat with Amir and Burhan at the usual spot, Steamboat Antarabangsa at Bangi. We ate like there is no tomorrow xD


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10 November 2012

Pre Marriage Certification Course

*this is the continuation from The day I tried to be a hero's post*

As we planned on getting married, there are a few criteria and steps that needs to be done. First of all, we need to get a certification that we had attend the Pre-marriage course. This course is endorsed by the Malaysian's islamic constitution and they made it as a prerequisite before getting married.

Enough with the introduction, lets get back to the main story :s

I spent the night at a budget hotel near Medan Gopeng, Ipoh. The rent there was RM33 per night, so I paid for 3 straight night. Being a cheap budget hotel, basically you will get a small room but with an air conditioner. The bathroom is shared. But the bad thing is, you can overheard your neighbour passionately making love LOL.

Anyhow, moving on.

We started the day quite early, in fact even earlier than a normal working hour. The course were held at Hasani Management in Ipoh. They had a few branches throughout northern Malaysia. Below are their pamphlet:

Click below for more stories and pictures:

When the kids did the Gangnam Style..

I'll be damned... It practically made me almost rolled off the floor laughing xD This picture were taken during my sweetheart's niece graduation day. I attended it as well to be a potographer for her.

More story later. Stay tuned.


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05 November 2012

Solla Alaikallah

In the midst of our busy daily life, we do need to spare a time for a soul cleansing moment. A religion as a life guidance, without it, who shall we be? Wallahuaklam...

صلى عليك الله يا عدنان
يا مصطفى يا صفوة الرحمن
الحمد لله الذي أعطاني
(x2) هذا الغلام الطيب الأردان

قد ساد فى المهد على الغلمان
أعيذه بالبيت ذي الأركان
حتى أراه بالغ البنيان
(x2) أنت الذي سمية في القرآن

أحمد مكتوب على الجنان
صلى عليك الله في الأحيان
أحمده في السر والبرهان
(x2) حقا على الإسلام والإيمان

أحمده في السر والبرهان
حقا على الإسلام والإيمان
يا ربنا بالمصطفى العدنان
(x2) اغفر ذنوبي ثم أصلح شأني

04 November 2012

and Hafiz left the lone ranger group...

In the other word, my dearest friend Hafiz Habib finally tied the knot with his chosen one, Shah Rina :D

Congratulation to him. Hope he would make a good husband (oh yea I know he will). Here are some pictures attached. Full pictures coming up later :)

So now... The lone ranger group (those that unmarried yet, haha) left with Basyeer, Budin, Amir, and me. I wonder who should be the next president? (hafiz was the former chairman hahaha).

We shall see :p Till then.


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