30 September 2012

Dead tired

Fuuhhh, what a day today. Non-stop activities from morning till night, and mostly spent at my future-in-laws house.

The day started by accompanying my girlfriend to service her car and braces. Afternoon onwards, I was helping them with the preparations (although I was suppose to be a cameraman only haha). Then the main event at 4pm, took pictures till 8pm haha.

Everyone was dead tired by then, same goes to me. Waved goodbye to them and the parents. At least I have done what I planned earlier during the event, discussed my plans with the parents huhu. Insya-Allah.

For now, bed timeeeeee. As a parting gift for now, below was the birthday cake for the event:

Yes, believe your eyes, it was the princess from the Beauty and The Beast by Disney, cake haha


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28 September 2012

Gearin' Up for tomorrow

It has been a while that I had a photo-shoot request. Last request practically came a year ago for a maternity shoot. Anyway, I'm still a newbie in this field, mind you. I don't have much knowledge and experience, let alone the money to buy the necessary equipment huhu T.T

The photo-shoot tomorrow will took place at my girlfriend's parents house. Her elder sister is holding a birthday party for her daughter, so she wanted a cameraman to at least recorded the whole event. That's where I came in :)

Now, lets go and prep my arsenals for tomorrow's big day:

27 September 2012

The naked domain that just won't work

Since I'm serious regarding my blog revival, I have done some changes throughout my blog. It is as simple as cosmetic since I have changed the theme yet again. I also have did a major change which is the domain pointing.

Initially since from the beginning, I have redirect my domain to a cpanel account that were given for free by my good old classmate that owned This was due to he needs to use the WHM's DNS feature to point my domain to google and add the CNAME record. Back then, both of us were quite newbie  on this stuff.

So to cut things short, yesterday I have decided to use the DNS feature that came together inside my domain control panel and points directly to google. I know that my cpanel account seems still active, but I don't think it will stay there forever. So the best way is to point it directly to google.

Wut the heck???

The instructions were crystal clear, but somehow I end up getting 404 error page while browsing in the web browser. It was quite weird since I followed the instruction carefully. It was getting weirder when I discovered that the is working instead. This was quite puzzling. Working in the webhosting industry myself, I have made sure that I didn't do any mistake. By the logic of how the DNS works, mine was pretty much correct.

So the past 24 hours, I have been modifying the DNS records, until I found this:

Grrrrrr.... no wonder how many countless fixing that I have done, it still won't work. This was due to bug from the blogger instead. So I guess for now, sit and wait till the fixed the issue =.=



Yes, finally I have been revived!!! Hahaha.

Nah, actually I have decided to revive back my blog after leaving it hiatus for a while. I have to say that these past few years, I have been busy. Lots of things happened, I doubt I can cover it all in just one post.

Despite being busy, I still not forgotten to renew the domain. Heck, I love my domain name, don't want other people to take it. But then, I just don't have the motivation to do blogging anymore. Frankly, I put the blame on Facebook. It has taken much of my online attention to it. But I guess, that was just a lame excuse. I was lazy, that's all to it.

Nevertheless, let's just slowly turn back the wheel that has been stopped for quite some time. Slowly regain back all the precious times that are lost :)

That would be all for now. By the way, I would like to announce that I'm now officially not alone anymore ;)

Me with my sweetheart, Haslinda 


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